Clown Corner: Spotify Wrapped


Spotify Homescreen

On Nov. 30, Spotify users were greeted to the alert that their Spotify Wrapped reports were ready.

Forget the filler holiday that is Thanksgiving, the second-best time of the year is here: Spotify Wrapped 2022. The culmination of music is all “wrapped” into a presentation of sorts to give people an idea of their most listened- to artists and songs, and speaking of which, I will not be showing mine, because I would much rather not be bullied off the face of the Earth, and no amount of begging will get it out of me. The “theme” for this year was centered around outer space, and for the first time included a “Music Listening Personality,”, with one of the 16 options being chosen by four categories: familiarity, loyalty, commonality, and timeliness.

The format itself was breathtaking, and it’s the horrific music addiction that leads me to waitwaiting to see who was my top artist for the year. However, the only issue that I have with Wrapped is that some people are so addicted it’s become a major problem, and they need serious help immediately. (cough cough, a certain someone who was in of the top 0.005% listeners for Conan Grey), and some rather weird top songs, like “Home Depot Beat”, and for some reason, ‘Hotel Air Conditioner Sounds’? Why are these a thing? Why have you listened to it for 33,000 minutes? Are you ok?

Along with this, Apple Music decided to jump on that bandwagon, calling theirs “Replay 2022”, and although it followed about the same gist, it looked like a boring mix between Instagram stories and Spotify Wrapped, which is typical for the inferior music streaming service. Regardless, this time of year is treasured by both listeners and their artists, as the listeners show their loyalty to people who bring comfort into their lives, and the artists are filled with gratitude knowing that they can one-up their friends in every argument they had more people listening to their music.