Clown Corner: A New Clown in Town


Charlie Wallin

Me in my final form

Charlie Wallin, Staff Writer

Hello clowns of Neuqua! My name is Charlie Wallin, and due to some certain circumstances, I have now taken over Clown Corner for the Echo. As the school year starts up again, writers come and go, and at times, spots eventually need to be filled. Whether it be Editor-in-Chief or head clown of Neuqua, due to the short month and the transfer of ownership, I’ve planned a little introduction and am also answering some burning questions!


Who in the world are you and what did you do to Peter?

I am currently a first-year staff writer for the Echo. Due to Peter graduating last year, the void had to be filled in one way or another, so I decided to “volunteer as tribute” (with discretion from both Lily and Peter).


About me!

  1. I’m currently a sophomore at Neuqua.
  2. I have a twin sister who is a big theater junkie. (I could never)
  3. I am part of the Neuqua swim team, along with French Club.
  4. I physically cannot live without chocolate and bagels.


Any hopes or dreams for the next year?

Knowing that this school isn’t just a few clowns here and there, it’s a whole circus to match. With that in mind, nothing much is going to change honestly, but be on the lookout for new material!


Side Note:

Clown Corner is meant to poke fun at things around, pertaining to school, allowing me to speak my mind and to give people a good laugh. Although I won’t call out certain individuals in any of the articles, if you feel like you specifically were cast in a negative light, please reach out to me and we will get this sorted out.