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No Rome’s new EP “Crying in the Prettiest Places”

Anika Haridas, Staff Writer

May 23, 2019

No Rome released his second EP, co-produced by Matty Healy & George Daniel of The 1975, titled “Crying in the Prettiest Places” on Friday, May 3. The six-track release features his first single of 2019, “Cashmoney,...

The death of John Singleton

Anika Haridas, Staff Writer

May 22, 2019

John Daniel Singleton, a screenwriter and director who is best known for his work in the film “Boyz n the Hood,” recently passed away at the age of 51 from a stroke  he suffered April 29, 2019. His debut film 'Boyz n the Hood...

Taylor Swift’s latest single “ME!”

Anika Haridas, Staff Writer

May 22, 2019

Taylor Swift’s newest single, “ME!” featuring Brendon Urie, premiered on April 26, and the Swifties are not having it. The single got from fans and critics alike for its theme of self-love, but along with praise came the ...

Instagram’s new like prototype

Paige Smith, Business Editor & Columnist

May 21, 2019

Likes and follower counts are a large part of Instagram. But what if the like count was taken away? According to TechCrunch, in a new Instagram prototype, the number of likes will not be listed for an accounts followers to se...

Chella Man announced to play Jericho in upcoming DC “Titans” season

Abigail McArthur-Self, News & Copy Editor

May 20, 2019

Chella Man, a deaf genderqueer artist and activist, has been hired to play the character Jericho in the second season of DC’s “Titans,” which is currently scheduled to air in the fall of this year. Joseph Wilson, aka Je...

“Loveworm”: The EP that highlights all stages of love

Allison Blaszak, Staff Writer

May 16, 2019

Beabadoobee, the 18-year-old singer signed to Dirtyhit records, has released her sophomore EP “Loveworm” only 6 months after the successes of her first release, “Patched Up.” This EP follows a similar structure to her firs...

Rehashing old stories for new generations

Bhoomi Sharma, Staff Writer

May 1, 2019

Disney has been a huge part of children’s lives since it was founded in the 1920’s. The animated movies they have produced have been close to the hearts of many for years, and now Disney wants to release new live-action vers...

Hollywood Romanticizing Killers

Ella Estopare, Online Editor & Columnist

April 22, 2019

Over the course of 2018 and 2019, Hollywood seems to have focused much of its efforts on creating movies that delve into the insanity of killers. Classic horror flicks such as “Silence of the Lambs,” “The Shining” and...

Jaden Smith: The 20 year old rapper who is trying to aid Flint

Allison Blaszak, Staff Writer

April 20, 2019

“Water is life, and when people are denied access to clean water, that’s just the ultimate sin,” Jaden Smith stated in regards to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan in his video on Jaden Smith, the son of Will an...

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