Clown Corner: Slow Walkers


Charlie Wallin

Just one of the many insanely long hallway blockades by the D-Wing

Charlie Wallin, Staff Writer

Okay clowns, I’ve had this one up in my head for a while, and I’m finally joining the masses on this apparent issue.

Picture this: The bell for fifth period just rang. You just finished a test in AP World, and now have to get from upstairs B-wing all the way to the pool for sophomore swim. You start speed walking like your life depends on it, and screech to a halt in front of a wall of people. Panicking, you try and squeeze through the crowd of people chatting up a storm by the D-wing bathrooms. You slowly crumble away, dreading the thought of being late to class. Alas, this is the pain felt by people across the school.


I swear, do y’all HAVE NOWHERE TO BE? I’m so confused on how some people can be on one end of the school one moment and still make it to class in no rush. Meanwhile I’ve heard horror stories of people breaking a mad sweat literally running to their next class because of a hallway hold-up. I get it, passing periods are the only times to see some of your friends, but some people need to be more considerate about the thousands of people who have classes to get to.


Now I walk decently fast compared to most people, and I just despise whenever the nice flow of walking stops dead in its tracks for literally no reason. For this, it’s finally time for you to be up on the column of shame: Clown Corner.

All I, along with hundreds of people, ask some of you on a daily basis: please move out of the way. There are so many better spots and times to hang out with your friends, and you can wait to see them for just a little longer. This typical traffic stop is the most annoying thing in the entire building, and moving over would be a godsend to the hundreds of us in a rush.