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Milyn’s Meddlesome Mentions

Milyn Ross, Staff Writer

October 24, 2019

Hello and welcome, my fellow Wildcats. This is part two of my lovely column: Milyn’s Meddlesome Mentions. If you haven’t read the first edition of this, I highly recommend it, but just to fill you in, this is my interpretation of the best quotes th...

“IT Chapter Two” review

Anika Haridas, Editor

September 16, 2019

The highly anticipated sequel to Andrés Muschietti movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT series was released on Sept. 6, 2019. The film did well in the box office, earning $91 million domestic and $185 million worldwide wide. I...

@PaigeWillAlwaysLaugh’s Meme of the Month (May)

Paige Smith, Business Editor & Columnist

May 21, 2019

Hey guys, its @PaigeWillAlwaysLaugh here ready to fill you in on the meme of the month. I assume none of you find this as a surprise because this has been everywhere, but the meme of the month is the biggest clown on the intern...

@PaigeWillAlwaysLaugh’s Meme of the month: January

Paige Smith, Business Editor & Columnist

January 23, 2019

Hey guys, it’s @PaigeWillAlwaysLaugh here with the meme of the month. Wow! I haven’t done a meme of the month since last year! (ha ha see what I did there). The meme of the month this month is AirPods. And before you ask,...

@PaigeWillAlwaysLaugh’s Meme of 2018: December

Paige Smith, Business Editor & Columnist

December 11, 2018

2018 was truly the year of the meme. In January. teens were eating Tide Pods and watching Logan Paul. In February, our FBI agents were texting us and kids were playing Fortnite. In March, we were laughing at SpongeBob memes. In...

@PaigeWillAlwaysLaugh’s Meme of the Month: November

Paige Smith, Business Editor & Columnist

November 19, 2018

Hello eArLy MoRnInG gRiNdErS! The meme of the month for November is “Let’s get this bread”. For my non-hustlers out there let me explain, “Let’s get this bread” loosely means “let’s get this money”. But recently...

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