Milyn’s Meddlesome Mentions

Milyn Ross, Staff Writer

Hello and welcome, my fellow Wildcats. This is part two of my lovely column: Milyn’s Meddlesome Mentions. If you haven’t read the first edition of this, I highly recommend it, but just to fill you in, this is my interpretation of the best quotes that I hear in the hallways of THE Neuqua Valley. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry and some… Let’s just get right into it. 


“Why are there so many gaddang people”

To this I say one very simple word. OVERPOPULATION. That’s the end. Nothing left to say. But in all seriousness this was right after access by the D hallway, so you already know that everybody and they mama was coming out of the cafeteria. That’s why, my friends, there were so many “gaddang” people. They pack as many people in that area as possible because no one wants to do actual work and meet with teachers for access. They want to just hang out with their friends. And honestly that is the flaw in our great system.


“Do I look like an idiot?? Please be honest, but don’t be harsh”

I actually love this. Random girl in the hallway, I actually feel you. I want to know the truth, you know? Like I don’t want a fake friend who is like “oh noooooooooooo, you don’t look like a dying rat” when they know that I actually do. But also who wants someone to be like “you look like actual trash” and they make you want to like… cry in a corner forever. I need someone to say “maybe you shouldn’t wear that outside where people can actually judge you and stuff.” And then I’ll be like oh okay you right. Thank you. So yes girl in the hallway I feel you. Give it to me straight but don’t kill my confidence.


“I would be more likely to get a nose job than liposuction”

Okay I was actually a part of this conversation (which I know is a bit of a cheat but this was too good NOT to add) but basically we were talking about in movies whenever there is a big girl the thing she hates most about herself is how big she is. Then we were talking about how that’s not really true because she hates her nose more than she hates her size. Then I just started cracking up because I actually feel that. Like I am not as small as some girls, but there are other things that I would MUCH rather fix about myself than my weight. And that’s on PERIODT.


“Hey, as long as your hair looks nice you’re not ugly”

Bro. I can’t take it man. Because I literally take this to heart. Like if my hair is not done, I don’t feel nice. It really doesn’t matter what I’m wearing that day; if my hair is on point, then I’M on point. If my hair isn’t on point, and I am wearing a whole ballroom dress, I still get super upset because I just don’t FEEL like I’m on point. So this right here is the realest comment that I have ever heard, and I’m honestly feeling this.


All in all, we learned that we are beautiful people no matter what you do. Have confidence you guys. I’m sure all of you are absolute lovely people. As long as your insides are pretty, your outsides are pretty and THAT’S on PERIODT. Alright that’s the end of this wonderful edition of Milyn’s Meddlesome Mentions. Thank you for entertaining me in the halls. I’ll hear you later Wildcats.