Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: Surprise Song


Photo from @taylorserastour on Instagram

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has all sorts of surprises, including on its 44-song setlist. Between the 35th and 38th songs performed- “Bad Blood” and “Lavender Haze”- Swift sings two surprise songs. This announcement was given at her opening night in Glendale, Arizona on March 17th, when Swift sang “mirrorball”, which appeared on her eighth studio album “folklore”, and “Tim McGraw” from her debut album, “Taylor Swift.”.

The surprise songs come from any of her ten studio albums and change each tour date. Although the songs have yet to be repeated, on April 13th at her show in Tampa, Swift revealed that any song from her album “Midnights” could be sung again. 


“Midnights” dropped in October of 2022, making it Swift’s newest album, and had yet to be sung live prior to the Eras Tour. Currently, the tour’s setlist features six out of Midnights’ thirteen tracks, however, Swift sang “You’re On Your Own Kid” and “The Great War” (from the album’s 3 am version) as surprise songs and has hinted towards playing other tracks in the future.


The surprise songs, though, were not the only surprise Swift had in store for the Era’s Tour. On April 1, she swapped the 24th song “invisible string” for “the 1.” Fans, both in the stadium and those watching the concert at home via live streams, were caught off-guard and shocked. Swift responded to their awe with a smile and joked about enjoying setlist hijinks. 


Despite her last tour being five years ago, Swift continues to bring a strong stage presence that keeps fans on the edge of their seats, as many of her concertgoers have been seen sobbing during the intro of the tour, along with many of her other songs, such as “august.” 


The world-renowned tour has also given a ray of light to some of her lesser-known songs, as almost all of her music has seen a large spike in streams across platforms, further highlighting her legacy over the past sixteen years.