The Nita Ambani Cultural Centre Opening 


Zendaya at the Cultural Center Opening in India

Mahima Shankar, Staff Writer

The opening of the Nita Ambani Cultural Centre took place in Mumbai, India, and called for all kinds A-Lister celebrities and public figures to watch the unveiling. Nita Mukesh Ambani, the founder of the new cultural center, is one of the most influential women and philanthropists in India. In Ambani’s career life, she was a teacher while also balancing other charitable activities in the fields of healthcare, education, and culture. The Cultural Centre is just one of the many projects she has taken on with the aim of spreading their culture to everyone. 

There are very few moments where we witness the interaction of both Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, but they all came together during the opening of the Cultural Centre. The purpose of the Nita Ambani Cultural Centre is to promote the cultural heritage of India itself. The opening included an invitation to a three-day party, to which many public figures and celebrities appeared, all from different countries and platforms. This international event, called for the eyes of viewers all around the world, to watch as the Nita Ambani Cultural Center was unveiled. 

Some recognizable stars that showed up on the red carpet to the opening, included Zendaya, and her current beau, Tom Holland. Zendaya showcased an artful design that is connected to India’s current clothing uniqueness. Other celebrities who made an appearance include Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Penelope Cruz, and even Gigi Hadid. While these are more Westernized celebrities, there were of course a number of A-List stars from the motherland herself. Actors and actresses like Disha Patani, Sara Ali Khan, Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai, and Hrithik Roshan. These beloved actors and actresses made a warm and welcoming presence at the Cultural Centre. 

The Nita Ambani Cultural Centre opening commenced with an inaugural performance that occurred on the brand-new Grand Theatre stage. Ambani means to show the rest of the world how the thread between both art and culture, is what brings many different communities and countries together in a mutual, yet respectful understanding. The Cultural Centre in Mumbai is meant to become a hub for individuals to come across all over the world to embrace India’s paid homage to its culture.