The Lincoln Lawyer Review (w/ some spoilers)

The release poster for the show adaption of the bestselling selling mystery novel series written by Michael Connelly

The release poster for the show adaption of the bestselling selling mystery novel series written by Michael Connelly

Udhay Nallapati, Staff Writer

“The Lincoln Lawyer” is a Netflix original series, which debuted on  May 13, 2022. The TV show is based on the bestselling novel series by the same name written by author Michael Connelly. Directed by David Grossman, the show has been hitting extremely high viewership numbers and has been on top of Netflix’s Weekly Standing list only three days after its release.

The show revolves around lawyer Mickey Haller, played by actor Manuel Garcia-Ruffo, and his tag team crew of lawyers, a paralegal and a criminal investigator. The setting of the majority of the show is the streets of downtown Los Angeles, with a heavy load of the scenes’ background being within the courtroom, which should be no surprise. 

The show starts off with Mickey Haller getting a surprising call from the presiding judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Judge Mary Holder. She informs Mikey that he has taken over his colleague Jerry Vincent’s practice and all of its cases due to the unfortunate murder of Haller’s former colleague, Jerry Fisher. The murder of Fisher later becomes another part of a web of parallel mysteries, which all eventually become interconnected. The biggest case, which is eventually the most prominent subplot of the show, is a murder trial accusing a muti-millionare entrepenuer Trevor Eliiot. To both save his client from vindication and protect himself from the uncaught killer of Jerry, Mickey Haller must engage in a battle of wits against the police, against his enemies and most importantly, against the law.

One of the major highlights of this show has to be the cohesive nature of the entire show and how every action is a reaction based on the logical basis of past events. Along with that fact, whether it be a single scene, character or object, they all tie back together for a specific reason which further propels the plot of the show. When the camera pans over, each shot has meaning within the show and adds a layer to the storyline. 

Furthermore, I love the way the screenplay is written and directed. Each singular piece of information has a dedicated backstory to it and then later loops back into the final outcome of the entire show. The director did a phenomenal job directing each shot and the editors had fantastic scene placement in each episode. The characters themselves each have a dedicated subplot, which is portrayed in an unrestrictive fashion. Succinctness is prioritized, and I strongly believe that this show is one of few that can tie all the characters without leaving any loose ends. While on the topic of loose ends, the show leaves none. Literally none. Every single subplot receives an ending that has suspenseful and unexpected twists to it, but no ending is created through the use of plot armor. The pieces of the puzzle are put perfectly together with immaculate logic.

Although most of the commentary on this show has been regarding its mystery component, “The Lincoln Lawyer” also had refreshing themes of comedy and everyday life included. A heavy emphasis of the show is put on Haller’s previous divorces and previous drug addiction. Bonding with his family once again becomes an important part of the television series’s plot, and as once again mentioned, it is marvelously interweaved with the other branches of the story.

I would heavily recommend this series to the general audience, especially if you are a fan of the mystery genre. It was really refreshing to watch such a genuinely enjoyable series after the months of “content drought” that Netflix seems to be going through. New original series and new seasons are truly just disappointing, but I was thoroughly impressed with the phenomenal plot, screenplay and direction of “The Lincoln Lawyer.”