The Echo Recommends – October 2021


Aarti Gupta

The weather’s warming up, so here’s some recommendations to warm you up.

The weather’s warming up, so here’s some recommendations to warm you up. 


Jason Verdin – “Ted Lasso”

“Ted Lasso” is a show that comes across as a comedy, but then you realize that it’s just a feel good show on so many levels. “Ted Lasso” season one starts with this premise: a somewhat successful college football coach is recruiting to coach a football team in England’s Premiere League, one of, if not, the most talented football league in the world. At this point, you should realize that the football that this show is about is what many Americans refer to as soccer. You can only imagine the confusion and comedy that ensues as Lasso tries to coach a sport he has never played before nor has he any familiarity with. Most of the first season is based on the owner of the team purposefully trying to sabotage the football club because she is trying to get back at her ex-husband, but then she realizes that Lasso is in the wake of her destruction. The show is based on an NBC Sports sketch that Jason Sudeikis used to run by the same name and is currently on the second season.  


Aarti Gupta – Mario music

I can’t be the only senior (or student in general) who’s absolutely stressed right now; if I am, well, that sucks. Either way, this weekend I finally tested out listening to the Mario Kart soundtrack while completing my work, and it did wonders for me. I was able to rapidly complete tasks that I had been putting off for weeks, and this is probably really nerdy to say, but I was so happy when I saw how productive I was. I think that this phenomenon should work with any video game soundtrack, as long as it’s engaging and/or upbeat. Mario Kart is a classic that I remember playing as a child, and I was determined to win, so listening to it while doing my work almost brings back that adrenaline rush. I’d definitely give it a chance if you’re stressed; here’s a playlist on Spotify that has a compilation of the game’s songs.  


Sachin Fong – “New Girl”

I have watched this show 4 times over, and it is still one of the funniest shows. It’s one that you can watch over and over again, and it’s really top tier comedic relief. I have millions of Nick Miller quotes that I can rattle off, but my favorite has to be “ If we had to talk about feelings, they would be called talkings.” Take a look into the show. It goes for 7 seasons, and I promise it will make you smile.


Ben LeGrand – “On My Block” 

“On My Block” follows four kids in a rough LA neighborhood navigating high school and other outside forces affecting their lives. The show is absolutely hilarious yet touching, and while some of the acting might be stiff, this remains one of my favorite Netflix shows. Season four wraps up the show, leaving no loose ends. ome say it was rushed, which I agree with. However, this show isn’t the type of show to critically analyze. It’s a hilarious, fun show, and I’m sad it’s coming to a close.


Maya Stone – Basement of the Dead

Basement of the Dead is a haunted house located in Aurora, Illinois. With a variety of different priced tickets, every single one grants you the ability to go to both Basement of the Dead and their second haunted house located at the same location. If you are not a fan of scary movies or just scary things in general, this is definitely not for you!


Peter Wujek – Jeans

I wanna recommend a really good pair of jeans. American Eagle makes really good jeans for a decent price. I’ve got a great pair of light blue faded jeans that go great with plenty of outfits. They’re a little bit long, so I cuff them twice and throw on some high tops. Boom.


Abby Apeland – “Zumba”

Looking for a fun, energetic and fast paced exercise? Look no further with Zumba, a combination of latin and international dance with bodyweight workouts. With many different types and levels to choose from, there is certainly something for anybody. It also serves  as an incredibly fun activity to do with friends, while you laugh and dance at each other’s attempt to salsa you are guaranteed to get a workout in. 


Jason Appel –  Sushi

Getting sushi with friends is a lot of fun and tastes really good. There are sushi places all over the Naperville area; some are expensive but it’s worth it for a good meal and fun with friends or family. I really like to get eal and fire rolls, I like the heat with the fire rolls but it also doesn’t overpower it which is really important to me. 


Jaclyn Bobbe – Apple picking

With the start of fall right around the corner, apple picking is the perfect fall activity to do with your family and/or friends. Since it’s outside you can easily socially distance from other groups which makes this the perfect COVID activity. Some apple picking places I recommend are Jonamac Orchard in Malta, Woody’s Orchard in Plano and Heinz Orchard in Libertyville. Even if you don’t want to pick apples, many of these orchards include other activities that you can partake in such as corn mazes, hay rides, a pumpkin patch and much much more!


Logan Brown – Split Shorts

What can I say, they’re flashy, stylish and comfy. What more could you possibly want from a pair of shorts? They happen to be a little bit shorter than your typical shorts, but that fact becomes completely irrelevant in the face of their undeniable sex appeal.


Noah Burrell – “Cowboy Bebop”

ATTENTION ANIME LOVERS and non-anime lovers: if you’re looking for a great show to watch in your free time or binge all at once, “Cowboy Bebop” is the go to. It is one of my all time favorite animes from the soundtrack, to the characters to the plot, it’s an all around amazing anime and perfect for anyone into the Star Wars type sci-fi fiction.


Viraj Desai –  “Avatar: The Last Airbender”

If you want to watch a show with a ton of action, adventure, comedy and also a ton of emotion, you should watch this show. This is my all time favorite show because of the amazing story, and the way the TV show is made. It was originally made to be targeted for kids, but it is super mature for a kid’s show with very heavy themes and a complex story. You should check it out; you won’t regret it!


Olivia Durcan – Knoch Knolls Nature Center 

With the temperature slowly coming down to a cooler atmosphere, one of the best fall activities to enjoy the autumn air is by talking a nice, long walk in nature. The Knoch Knolls Nature Center contains various paths, streams and forests to explore and view. Long walks in nature are fun to do on your own, or even with a friend or two. 


Mahika Gupta – Go outside!

Aren’t you glad to live in a community with so many easily accessible places to hang out with your friends? Even right next to our wonderful school, there’s a library right next to it, a wonderful opportunity to switch up your study place. And right next to that, a popular donut shop for a snack after school. Not too far off, a variety of restaurants and a movie theater down the road! Maybe even just go out for a walk. Everywhere you go there’s something to do and somewhere to go, so take a step outside and take a break! 


Lily Ha –  Apple cider donuts 

It’s officiallyfall season! This means enjoying the limited release of apple cider donuts, best enjoyed with a cool glass of apple cider. This mini dessert is sweet and light, the outside of the donut being crisp, and the inside of the cake being soft and warm. With the perfect blend of apples, sugar, cake and, of course, apple cider, these donuts are the best way to welcome and celebrate autumn. 


Adam Hristov – Golf Driving range

The driving range is a very satisfying and stress relieving place to visit if you are feeling down. You don’t have to be good at golf; you just have to be able to hit the ball. When I go to the driving range, all I try to do is hit the ball as hard as I can, and it is so rewarding when you hit the ball far. You really don’t need anything because you can ask to borrow a club at the range, and you can just find tees on the ground near the tee box.


Lucas Lombana Arias – “history of the history, i guess” 

This YouTube video by “bill wurtz” is one of society’s greatest creations. In 20 minutes, it retells history in a fun and quirky way, from the beginning of the universe to modern day. Everyone knows that 2016 was the peak of human civilization, a utopia we have yet to recreate. This video is an embodiment of those 2016 ideals. Famous historians such as Ryder Stejskal claim that this video demonstrates the turning point of the downfall of modern civilization, since it would be impossible to create another masterpiece on the level of this YouTube video.


Udhay Nallapati – Not taking AP Calc BC

This class is the bane of my college career. I hate this class so much, with my whole heart and soul, that I would actually pay to not take this class. From limit definitions, to derivatives, to chain rule, to critical points, to optimization, I have felt nothing but excruciating physical and mental pain since the second week of school. Constant stress. Constant cursing. Constant crying. What an awful class. DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS.


Sanchali Pandey – Tasty’s Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

There’s nothing better than biting into a warm and soft chocolate chip cookie after a long and stressful day, and thus far, there has never been a better chocolate chip cookie I have either made or tried than the one that I made using Tasty’s chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe. Give it a try; it will undoubtedly exceed all of your expectations!


Jake Panek – “Over the Garden Wall”

I don’t think there’s a piece of entertainment more fitting for the fall season than Cartoon Network’s “Over the Garden Wall.” The miniseries follows Wirt and Greg, voiced by Elijah Wood and Collin Dean, two brothers on a journey through the Unknown, a seemingly endless forest that exists outside of time, to find a way home. Simply put, this is one of the greatest works of animation there has ever been. The spooky mysteries lurking in the Unknown make it such an alluring setting, and this is no doubt aided by the artwork on display. There is just nothing that looks like this today, and it’s a genuine artistic achievement. It evokes an image of a golden setting sun peeking through jagged, bare branches as amber leaves are swept off by a chill breeze, and the muted color palette of browns, grays and greens is just glorious. But beyond its aesthetic, “Over the Garden Wall” is devastatingly melancholic; it’s an ode to losing and being lost in time, and its combination of bygone Gilded Age Americana, adolescent angst, and its fall setting is both a warm, soothing blanket and a wistful dirge. The total runtime of all eleven episodes isn’t even two hours, so there’s no reason for you not to binge this perfectly paced show. Dim your lights and get lost in the Unknown.


Ingrid Reginato – Amelie

This rated-R French coming of age movie is about Amelie Poulan, a woman with a simple life who decides to go out of her way to do good things for strangers and falls in love. The cinematography and aesthetic of this movie is so beautiful, and the vibes are exquisite. This movie is really unique and artistic, and the soundtrack is fantastic.


Sabrina Sabatin –  Stargazing

During the school year, one of my biggest stress relieving tactics is stargazing. When I am up late doing homework and can’t seem to retain my focus, I take a break to lay upon the grass of my backyard and gaze at the stars or the current phase of the moon. Oftentimes, I will listen to music that way I can time how long I’ve been outside, such as the span of three songs, then I will proceed with my homework. This is a great activity because it comes at zero cost and builds your appreciation for the beauty that is Mother Earth. 


Mahima Shankar – “10 Things I Hate About You”

Sisters Bianca and Kat Stratford are complete, utter, opposites. Bianca being the more relaxed and popular sister, while Kat remains the more bold and uptight sister. Their dad declares a rule saying, in order for Bianca to date, Kat must first date, which is impossible considering Kat hardly ever attracts guys. But once Patrick Verona and Kat cross paths, her guard comes down, hopefully allowing the restriction to break. 


Ryder Stejskal – Take a break from music

If you’ve been listening to music nonstop for as long as you can remember, try taking a break from it. A lot of the times our escapes from reality, as much of us hold music to be, can lose their effectiveness. Even more generally so, music takes time and work from your brain to truly experience it. Try taking a break from music for a few days even. Just one day should be enough to change music fundamentally. Afterwards, you may be more grateful for listening to that one song, that one artist, and you’ll be hearing it all like it’s the first time you did.


Amerie Zaininger – Try getting into a new Hobby/Habit

Life can get pretty boring when your days end up always droning on and on with the same content, so why not try to pick-up something new? Whether it’s a new healthy habit you want to develop or a completely new activity you want to try out? Go for it. Sometimes a change in your weekly routine can actually really benefit your overall mood and energy levels, so what’s the harm in trying?