The Echo Recommends- November


Lily Ha

In the November 2022 edition of The Echo Recommends, The Echo shares their Thanksgiving Break recommendations!

Charlie Wallin – The Owl House

This Disney animated series follows Luz Noceda, a teenage human girl who stumbles into a portal to the Demon Realm and befriends the witch Eda Clawthorne and her housemate King. Despite the odd circumstances, she pursues her dream of becoming a witch and finds a second family in the midst of it all. This breathtaking and critically acclaimed show was praised for its LGBTQ+ representation, and it actually just started its third season, so go check it out!


Patricia Novak – Apple Pie

Everyone knows and loves apple pie- it’s a classic. Not only apple pie itself but warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. With the Holidays coming, apple pie is the perfect way to celebrate and come together with your family. Not only eating apple pie, but making it is also really fun and kind of challenging. 


Emma Vorasorn – The IT Crowd

Available on Netflix, this British sitcom follows the IT department at Reynholm Industries. The department consists of Moss and Roy, who are skilled technicians, and Jen, the “Relations Manager,” who really has no knowledge of computers. This show has me laughing till tears come out of my eyes. The on-screen chemistry of the actors is incredible, and I think it makes the show ten times funnier.


Leah Dennison –  Los Retros 

Looking for a new artist to listen to? Los Retros is the perfect band with great music. They have created many songs that give off a very unique yet catchy sound like no other. Their music is calming, as it is categorized as R&B and soul. Some of their most notable songs are Amtrak, Someone to Spend Time With, and Friends. All of these songs are essential to my playlists, as the vibes are never off when it comes to Los Retros.


Sobia Shamim – The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra takes place 70 years after the original Avatar series. The show is four seasons long, 52 episodes, and follows Korra, the new avatar, a girl from the Southern Water Tribe. With the help of Aang’s – the previous avatar- son, Korra sets off to master her final element: air. All the while, she fights against an anti-bending movement. It’s a great show, with multiple awards, and I definitely recommend watching it! The art style and animation are so pretty and the characters are very loveable.


Ben LeGrand – Lady Bird 

While I ashamedly admit that I hadn’t seen this movie until recently, I wish I had watched it sooner. It follows a bored high school student in Sacramento going through her senior year navigating the strenuous relationship with her mother and dreaming of escaping to New York. It’s a great movie and a must-watch for high school seniors. It is touching, funny and a great representation of a senior year experience(so far at least). There’s never a dull or emotionless moment following the adventures and mishaps of Lady Bird’s boy drama, friend struggles and tense relationship with her ‘big-hearted’ mother. 


Jack RS – AMSCO AP World History: Modern by Perfection Learning

This review book for the AP World curriculum is good because it has the length and depth of a textbook while still providing a clear and concise review of the course material. Every chapter section has a quote from a key figure of that time to summarize the points made in the text and practice questions of multiple choice and short-answer come are provided as well. It is also $30 on Amazon.


Lily Ha – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The sequel to Black Panther came out on November 11 in theaters and quickly topped the box office. As an action-packed film with an engaging plot, the movie continues after the death of T’Challa, while bringing a new Black Panther to lead and protect Wakanda. T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, and mother, Ramonda, grieve and attempt to move on as a new villain emerges into the picture. The emotional tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther and passed away in 2020, was also done very well. The movie stars both a returning and new cast and quickly draws you back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. During the Thanksgiving Break, watch Wakanda Forever with your family or friends on the silver screen.


Camila Reyes – Manifest

As an American drama series, Manifest is a great show that does not get much recognition since it premiered on September 20, 2018. With a rating of 4.5, many had not heard of the supernatural-type thriller when it first aired on NBC until after it was picked up by Netflix for its fourth and final season following NBC’s cancellation. The series revolves around a group of passengers and crew that go missing and are presumed dead on a commercial airliner, but, five and a half years later, suddenly reappears completely unchanged and unaware of their disappearance. From the mind of Jeff Rake, this show is full of plot twists and mystery to keep viewers intrigued. 


Ava Nelson – Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 

One of my favorite movies to watch on Thanksgiving is “Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving.” It is very family-friendly and almost everyone loves this movie. There are hilarious jokes and it leaves you with a very heartwarming vibe. I personally, watch this every year, and I am still not bored with it. My favorite part is when Lucy and Charlie are playing football. Make sure to check this out for a fun Thanksgiving.


Ayel Kikama – World cup

The first-ever fall/winter world cup is starting this Sunday. While this world cup might not have the same world cup feeling or excitement as world cups of old, it’s a world cup nonetheless. It’s a festival of soccer with the perfect combination of passion and high-quality soccer. Even if you’re not that interested in soccer, the overall feeling around some good ol’ world cup soccer is enough to warm up anyone during these colder months. Be sure to follow the Echo for World Cup updates


Adam Hristov – Candles

Candles are a good way to make your room less boring and add a scent to your room. When you light a candle it just immediately makes your room more cozy and comfortable. Especially when you have all your lights off except the candle. It can make something small like watching a movie or playing video games a lot more enjoyable.


Sanchali Pandey – Make a bagel sandwich

As the weather starts to get way colder, there is no greater comfort than eating a warm and toasty bagel sandwich. Cut up a bagel of your choosing (I prefer an Everything bagel, but each to its own) and toast it. Then, put some cream cheese or butter or whatever other spread you like, and add some toppings in between! You can put scrambled eggs, avocado, or even hashbrowns on your sandwich! Honestly, the more the better! 


Viraj Desai – The Great British Baking Show

This show is my favorite reality cooking show, as it’s super relaxing and engaging at the same time. Watching the show is a really good way to unwind after a long day or when you feel like you really need a break. You may also be inspired to try out some new recipes that they introduce in the show! Just make sure to watch it after you eat, or you won’t be able to resist the hunger created by looking at the scrumptious desserts. 


Logan Brown – $oul $old $eparately (Freddie Gibbs)

On his latest album release, $oul $old $eparately, Freddie Gibbs upholds his reputation for releasing consistently strong works. This album sees Gibbs well within his comfort zone, producing tracks that feel very natural and smooth. Some of my favorites off of this album include “Lobster Omelette (feat. Rick Ross),” “Couldn’t Be Done (feat. Kelly Price),” “Dark Hearted,” and “Feel No Pain (feat. Anderson .Paak & Raekwon).” You really can’t go wrong with this album (or any of his other works for that matter), and I highly recommend you check it out.


Zahra Ladak – Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is exactly what it sounds like: it is when a group of friends get together to celebrate and enjoy the best parts of Thanksgiving. Have a feast filled with your favorite festive foods with the friends you love and cherish. Celebrated anytime near Thanksgiving, this fun-filled event gives you a chance to build on your relationships while enjoying some time with the people in your life through conversations over a delicious meal. 


Virginia Cohrs – The Boys From Biloxi John Grisham

America’s favorite storyteller is back in his beloved Mississippi for the tale of two childhood friends who find themselves on opposite sides of the law. The story is set in the past and provides the reader with a rich history of the beach town Biloxi with a dark side. Long before alcohol and gambling were legal, the local law in Biloxi looked the other way for their own benefit. In addition to the main plot, a subplot emerges around the catastrophic Hurricane Camille which reveals more unexpected injustices. While the characters are fictional, locals are said to recognize some of the events depicted in the book. Curl up with this good read over your Thanksgiving or winter break and enjoy the ride.