The Echo Recommends – January


Lily Ha

As a new semester rolls around, please enjoy these January recommends.

Charlie Wallin- “RUSH!” 

The Italian rock band Måneskin, who rose to fame after winning Eurovision in 2021, has released their third studio album, “RUSH!”. The high-energy rock and roll paired with the insanely catchy lyrics make this an album for the ages, so go check it out!


Ava Nelson- “Five Easy Hot Dogs” Mac Demarco’s new album

As the second semester starts, you may need new music to listen to while walking down the halls! Mac Demarco’s new album is filled with a variety of songs everyone can enjoy. This album differs from his older music because there are no lyrics. Even though he’s not singing, these instrumentals are truly amazing. 


Leah Dennison- Total Drama Island

Ever in need of a fun cartoon, and love the drama from a competitive reality show? Total Drama Island perfectly combines all of these entertaining elements into one. The show has five seasons, each one quite different from the rest, although still maintaining a lot of the same characters. The fictional contestants are all placed on an island and into two teams, where they must work together to win challenges. The losing team must vote out a team member that night. This show is brilliant, as it is satirical of reality shows and how dramatic they can be through the use of lively cartoon characters.


Camila Reyes – HBO Max’s “The Last of Us”

With the new year comes new movies and shows to watch. “The Last of Us” video game was released to the public. The game was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment back in June 2013, also releasing part II of the game in June 2020. In the game, players have control over the main characters Joel and Ellie as they travel together across a post-apocalyptic America. In March 2020, HBO Max announced its television adaptation of the game, with the assistance of the game creators. Pedro Pascal and Belle Ramsey portray the main characters in the show that began airing on Jan. 14 and will continue to release all 9 episodes every Sunday. Many are conflicted about whether the show will portray the same relationships and emotions as the game did. Take a look for yourself by diving into this new series full of action and adventure.


Emma Vorasorn- Thrifting

Going shopping doesn’t always mean that you have to blow your entire paycheck. Thrifting is the perfect ethical and affordable alternative to the mall. Plus, you can find unique items that no one else will be wearing. Giving clothes another life is not only good for the environment, but it is also so fun sifting through different styles and bringing back old trends. 


Patricia Novak- Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches

Even though this has been around for what feels like the start of time itself, I feel like it goes unnoticed or is constantly underrated. Everyone just passes over it because it has always been there. However, the salty and sweet combination just brings me joy, and it will bring you joy, too.


Sobia Shamim – 24 Carrot island: Poptropica

The best island on the nostalgic game of Poptropica. The game follows a case of missing peoples and there’s an evil mind-controlling bunny, nothing gets better than that. It’s easy and, honestly, is just a nice way to kill time! 


Sanchali Pandey – $5 sushi at Jewel on Thursdays

In need of a little pick-me-up to get you through the last days of the week? Try Jewel’s sushi, which happens to be on sale for $5 per roll every Thursday! Not only do you have a variety of options to choose from, but the fact that the sushi is so cheap should be enough to make you want to buy it. You deserve to treat yourself—you made it through another week!


Adam Hristov- Taking a train to the City

Taking a train to the city could be intimidating for some people but it is a lot easier. All you have to do is find a train and research what is near the station where it drops you off. The train ticket is very cheap and it is a good way to explore the city without having to drive.


Lily Ha- Wildcat Cafe

The Wildcat Cafe is a coffee stand for students and staff during 2nd and 6th periods on Thursdays and Fridays. It is a great way to get a warm or cold drink in the middle of the school day. The Wildcat Cafe is available in the lunchroom commons and serves both coffee and hot chocolate.


Ayel Kikama-The perfect snowball

Since it’s started snowing again, now is a better time than ever to try making the perfect snowball. Try to find some solid and compact snow to make sure your snowball doesn’t break. It might also be fun to use other ways to make a snowball than just cupping your hands like using a spoon or something. Regardless of how you do it, if you’re truly that bored and have absolutely nothing better to do than trying to make the perfect snowball is a perfect way to waste at least half an hour of your day. 


Jake Panek – The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes

Content warning: this film consists entirely of footage of actual autopsies

There aren’t many experimental filmmakers that are as renowned or prolific as Stan Brakhage, and even in a career full of major works like “Dog Star Man” and “Mothlight,” there isn’t a film of his that’s more raw or powerful than “The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes.” Shot on 16mm film without synchronized sound, Brakhage’s frank documentation of multiple autopsies in all of their unfiltered, graphic details avoids any sort of glamorous aestheticization, and the result is some of the most viscerally shocking yet endlessly fascinating, evocative and almost entrancing filmmaking I’ve ever seen at only 32 minutes. No matter what you get out of it, it’s a film that’ll make you feel alive, for better or for worse.


Viraj Desai – Throwback Music

I love listening to music, and one of my all-time favorite genres is throwback music. I love listening to songs from the past, specifically the 80s-2000s, and trying to imagine how life must have been at that time. Listening to songs from my childhood also gets me into some type of mood that is unexplainable. Songs from the past really give off a different vibe and put me in a perfect mood overall.


Virginia Cohrs- Madoff: “The Monster of Wall Street”

This Netflix series tells the story of the rise and fall of Wall Street icon Bernie Madof, the man responsible for operating the biggest Ponzi Scheme in history. This four-part series begins by portraying a controlling man who managed his elite financial office like a bully but a generous family man. His wisdom was envied by other financial institutions, as his results were impossible to replicate. His respect and character on Wall Street were over the top; he launched Nasdaq, the first electronic stock exchange. Madoff maintained an exclusive air, as he didn’t accept just anyone into his funds. He didn’t like clients who asked too many questions, and that right there should have been a red flag.  He managed to destroy many lives, including that of his son; Mark Madoff committed suicide in 2010. Madoff got away with his crimes due to the SEC ignored obvious evidence laid out clearly by Harry Markopolos. One can only hope this will not happen again.


Sean Kirchner- The Sopranos

I have been watching the Sopranos over the past few weeks and every episode gets better and better. I have fallen in love with all the arcs from Tony going to therapy and dealing with his mother. The show starts off very slowly. The first 8 episodes are slow but that should be expected when you’re introducing so many complex characters and backstories for them. The whole setting is complex and the world they live in is something I can barely understand let alone get experience myself.