The Echo Recommends- May


Lily Ha

In our final edition of The Echo Recommends for the 2022-2023 school year, we give you our final ideas to enjoy the month.

Sobia Shamim – Game Pigeon

A fun way to play with your friends, Game Pigeon offers a variety of different games including 8-ball, chess, several word games, and more. It’s available on IOS and is played over messages. Although the games are typically only two-player, Crazy 8, a game similar to Uno, allows up to four players. 


Charlie Wallin – Taylor Swift

With her “Eras Tour” officially kicking off in Arizona, most people (myself included) would love to go, but spending hundreds of dollars on tickets might be pretty expensive, so unless you’ve been living under a rock and have nothing to do over the break, taking a listen to the 3+ hour setlist (there are so many playlists for it) or watching a concert stream can give you somewhat of an experience of it without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for it.


Viraj Desai – Binge-watch the Harry Potter series

As spring break is approaching, one of the best ways of relaxing is doing a movie marathon, and I recommend the Harry Potter series. It’s my favorite book/movie series because of the action, adventure, thrill, and emotion. If you still haven’t read or seen this series, you are seriously missing out. To make the movie marathon even more enjoyable, get some friends together and transform your living room into a home theater. 


Ben LeGrand – Ted Lasso Season 3 

Jason Sudeikis’ Emmy-winning comedy is back and more anxious than ever. While audiences have fallen in love with the American football-turned-soccer coach and his AFC Richmond squad over the past 2 seasons, the third season has already kicked off with more nerves and pressure than ever. With its hilarious puns, references, and amazing characters, Ted Lasso has found the ideal mix of comedy and thoughtful life reflections. The weekly release format is also  a refreshing aspect of the show in today’s binge-obsessed society. With 4 episodes out already, be sure to catch the new releases every Wednesday on AppleTV.


Adam Hristov – Ambient Lighting

I believe that ambient lighting is a perfect way to make a room feel more comfortable and photogenic. Getting some desk lamps or tall room lamps, immediately makes the room feel more personalized. Get rid of the ceiling lights because they are ugly and don’t illuminate your room more than lamps. I would recommend getting warmer color light bulbs to put in lamps and maybe, even though it is basic, LED light strips for good ambient underflow to put under beds or dressers. 


Lily Ha – Everything Everywhere All at Once

After receiving numerous accolades, the highly-rated movie, Everything Everywhere All at Once took home seven Oscars, including Best Picture. The film focuses on the protagonist, Evelyn, played by Michelle Yeoh, a Chinese immigrant and mother, as well as the idea of the multiverse. With talented actors and an immersive plot, Everything Everywhere All at Once shows 


Camila Reyes – Go to the park

The spring season has officially begun, even if the weather doesn’t completely show it. This spring break, pick a nice day and go spend some time at the park with friends or siblings. Swing back and forth on the swing sets and go down a slide in the playground. As high school students, we forget what it was like to be kids, and going to the park may seem childish but it can be a nice way to reminisce, even for a couple of minutes.


Ava Nelson – Lana Del Rey

Lana has recently dropped 2 singles from her new album. “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd ” is releasing March 24th. Give her album a listen over spring break!


Leah Dennison – Looking for a relaxing environment to hang out with your friends? Vannie’s house is the perfect place. Vannie’s House is a bubble tea restaurant with the most delicious tea you could imagine. Not to mention, the restaurant itself is decorated perfectly with plants, relaxed lighting, comfy chairs, and more, making every customer feel comfortable and relaxed. Whether you want to study or just chat with your friends, this spot is perfect for just that. 


Patricia Novak – “Wayne”

“Wayne”, a TV show found free with Amazon Prime, reaches so many different topics, while still maintaining a chaotic and exciting plotline. It’s about two teens that run away together in search of the main character, Wayne’s, car. Along the way, you learn more and more about the characters themselves and their past, while explaining their actions in the present.

Virginia Cohrs – Blood Sugar by Sascha Rothchild

This may be Rothchild’s debut as a novelist, and while she’s not new to writing, she uses her creativity to produce a page-turning psychological thriller. The Emmy Award-winning screenwriter has written and produced popular shows such as GLOW, The Bold Type, The Babysitters Club, and The Carrie Diaries. The plot revolves around protagonist Ruby who admits early in the story that she has been in the presence of four people who have met their untimely demise. She details the first one, at age five, and subsequently goes back and forth between the recent death of her husband and the previous three. While Ruby proclaims her innocence in her husband’s death, Detective Keith Jackson thinks otherwise. The fact that she’s been with four people who have died is too much to leave to coincidence. Or is it?


Emma Vorasorn – Meth Wax

If you are looking for a band that will help you wake up in the mornings for school, look no further. Meth Wax is considered “garage rock,” which combines energetic riffs and messy vocals to create a very raw sound. Listening to their music, they may not be the most talented from a technical standpoint, but their passion for their music overpowers this. I recommend starting with the albums Luxury Rehab, with gems like “I Am Binded to You” and “June” that make this a no-skip album.


Jake Panek – “John Wick: Chapter 4”

The newest installment in the franchise directed by Chad Stahelski and led by Keanu Reeves is a flat-out miracle of action filmmaking and better than all three of the previous films combined. After the events of “Parabellum,” the price on John Wick’s head is only increasing, and his only path to freedom leads directly through the High Table that presides over the entire underground assassin network, but as always, the journey there has plenty of new faces and encounters that he must fight his way through. It cannot possibly be overstated how amazing this film is, particularly its final act, which is a monumental hour of nonstop, dazzling action. Also starring Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgård, Ian McShane, Rina Sawayama and Ian McShane, “John Wick: Chapter 4” is a film that you shouldn’t miss in theaters.


Logan Brown – Poetry

In honor of National Poetry Month, I would like to recommend that any readers try reading or writing poetry. I signed up for poetry as one of my English classes, and I have really enjoyed the writing process and the many interpretations that can be taken from a single poem. Poetry has few if any constraints, thus it offers great creative freedom to writers and a huge variety of poems to readers.


Mahima Shankar – Big Bang Theory

I recommend the “Big Bang Theory” because this TV show is a rewatchable one that also, is a long one! It is 12 seasons, and is worth the watch; it includes amiable characters that we may not be able to relate to on an intellectual level. This TV show not only includes funny quips but also a mini-lesson in psychology in each episode. One of the main characters, “Sheldon Cooper”, also has his own spin-off show, which is called “Young Sheldon”. 


Zahra Ladak – Drake’s Tour

Looking forward to the summertime coming up so fast, Drake’s new tour, “It’s All a Blur”, is one of the many things to plan for as he is coming to Chicago this July. Tickets have just come out last week and are selling out faster than ever. Although his concert is definitely on the pricier side, with no doubt, it will be a night to remember and fans are already looking forward to this day. I would recommend buying tickets to his show as I truly believe it will be an unforgettable experience and cannot wait to see him live! 


Sean Kirchner – Shameless

I just started watching this show and I have fallen in love with this show. It keeps me entertained because they find very creative ways to get out of situations. I feel like I can relate to this show because it is based in Chicago with the main characters around the same age as me. It is nice to feel close to a character or in this case a set of characters. The show is definitely for more mature audiences which is a change for me. Typically I stick to more politically correct shows. Recently I’ve kinda changed that by watching shows like the sopranos and Shameless and I am really proud and happy with my decision.


Ayel Kikama – castle in the sky by eaj

Literally my favorite song right now. Out in his newest album, this song has the vibes and lyrics to make anyone instantly love this song. If there’s any new song you listen to over the break, make sure it’s this one.


Sanchali Pandey – Daisy Jones and the Six

Full of drama, laughter, and more, Daisy Jones and the Six is the perfect show! With cool 70s-themed outfits and intensity like no other, this show will keep you on your feet, wishing there was more. Being based on a book, this show has definitely done it justice, and it’s even changed up some things (but in a way that everybody loves). Watch it, you won’t regret it! Plus there are some very cool songs, too!