Jaden Smith: The 20 year old rapper who is trying to aid Flint

“Water is life, and when people are denied access to clean water, that’s just the ultimate sin,” Jaden Smith stated in regards to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan in his video on 501CTHREE.org. Jaden Smith, the son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, has partnered with the First Trinity Baptist Church to establish an easier way to provide clean water to the people of Flint — one that will be less dependent on donations. The First Trinity Baptist Church has been relying on volunteers to give out bottles of water, but donations have been limited, and their supply is dwindling.


Smith’s company, JUST WATER, sells water in bottles made solely from paper and plant-based sources. The water filtration system that they use in their companies has been made into a smaller version for the people of Flint. The box goes through a 4 stage filtration process to ensure that all heavy metal and bacteria are removed from the water. The Water Box is able to filter 10 gallons per minute and residents are able to line up with their own jugs to fill.

Smith is an artist in the music industry who used his influence to help others, and the people of social media are taking notice. The artist received lots of praise for his work, one tweet by user @sahluwal stating “Jaden Smith designed the ‘water box’ to help the people of Flint. Hero.”


Since 2014, the water from the Flint River being transported to the residential areas of Flint, Michigan has been laced with lead due to faulty pipelines. Consuming lead can cause health conditions that impair daily functioning, such as digestive issues, memory issues, dizziness and high blood pressure. Prolonged ingestion of lead can lead to long term issues.


At 501CTHREE.org, there’s more information about the Water Box as well as a place to donate money to Flint.