The clown of the year


Peter Wujek

The front page of Clown Magazine, highlighting Peter Wujek as Clown of the Year.

Hold onto your hats folks, the number one clown is back. After taking a year off The Echo staff, I have returned better than ever, and Clown Corner shall resume. 

For the first Clown Corner of 2021, I would like to highlight myself. I have to clown myself for abandoning The Echo. Deserting the army gets you five years in prison, but a front page feature on Clown Corner may be worse. I had this bright idea to take other classes like AP Psychology, and I couldn’t fit The Echo in my schedule. Now, I’m back and managing the business side of our newspaper as a student leader, and I’m bringing the Clown Corner back! Get ready for the hottest takes, the deepest cuts and the absolute best photoshops you can imagine. 

In all seriousness, this past year has been pretty great for me. I’m in a groove right now, and I really feel happy. In the 2020-2021 school year, I got some great grades, made some great friends, starred as George Bailey in the Winter Play and my summer was amazing. I got invited to a summer camp for International Diplomacy in Washington DC, and I met an amazing group of people from all over the country. I also made the Illinois All-State production of Cabaret, and I’m in the ensemble and understudying Schultz (one of the leads). I’m absolutely thriving, and I can’t wait to see what senior year brings. 

To all my loyal readers and fans (I know you’re out there somewhere), I can’t wait to get back to clowning people. In the end, I failed, prevailed and looked like a clown doing it. This has been the clown corner, and I’ll see y’all soon.