Information about Neuqua Valley’s mock election



Neuqua students can participate in the spirit of election season by voting in the mock elections

On Election Day 2020, which is Nov. 3, many Neuqua Valley students will be confined to their homes instead of voting due to quarantine. As a result of COVID-19, millions will be voting by mail, and for some students, that may be a disappointment. However, there is an opportunity to get involved with and learn about politics. Hosted by Rho Kappa, Neuqua’s National Social Studies Honor Society, the mock election is a yearly tradition where Neuqua students can vote for candidates on the mock ballot. On this year’s mock ballot, there will be:

US House Illinois seats (District 11 or 14)
Illinois Senate Seat (District 41)
United States President
Fair Tax State Constitutional Amendment

The ballot can be found on the NV Student Splash page under the “Vote” section. The whole process takes less than a minute (after timing it, it took an average of 42 seconds for our staff writers to complete) and provides an accurate representation of the information found on a real ballot. To vote, it is necessary to know what candidates are in each district. This information for individuals can be found by searching an address on this site. Some further research is also encouraged on the candidates as well. After research, all that is left to do is vote. The results of the election will be posted on Nov. 3.