Milyn’s Meddlesome Mentions

Milyn Ross, Staff Writer

Hello and welcome, my fellow Wildcats. Come with me as I take you down a fun ride, going through bits and pieces of people’s… unique conversations in the hallways. I’m going to show you guys some beautiful quotes and interpret them.


“I just sat in my steering wheel and cried.”

Okay, can we first talk about how this is literally just a mood. This girl has officially felt the effects of the stress of Neuqua and I 100% agree. So to this girl I say, I feel you. And we ALL feel you.


“You gotta get yourself a ninja star”

Alright, I honestly don’t know what is going on here. But I would just hope that this person knows that with great power comes great responsibility. Try not to chop off a finger. And I don’t know why this person has gotta  get one, but who knows, maybe he’s working up to axe throwing.


“*laughter, but only dead inside*”

What I want to say to this person is to move on, if you don’t have friends who can actually make you laugh, Get Out. And I mean get out fast. No one has time for friends who make you have to fake laugh at all their jokes to make them feel better. Life’s too short to not feel like you’re getting abs everytime you and your best friend are together.


“I want to cry in a trash can.”

I feel you, I think what really needs to happen is that me, this guy and the girl who cried in her steering wheel need to just get together and listen to my Sad Girl Hours playlist. You know we could honestly just blast Ariana’s whole Thank U, Next album. That one never fails to put me in my feels. Always making me feel bad for being single and lonely. But if we’re all crying, then we can be lonely together! It would be such a great time.


“Dude she has no friends”

I don’t know the “she” in this story, but I wish I did. I wish I knew her so I could be her friend. She seems like a decent human. I mean, I don’t know her at all but for those who know me (and those that will get to know me through these meddlesome mentions) know that I love meeting new people. So the boys who said this in the hallway, y’all should put me on, but like in a friendly way.


“We’re the only animals here”

I’ve learned really fast that these just make me want to know more. That’s all that happens. I just get more and more confused as to what’s going on to make people say these things. I need an explanation on what you guys were exactly talking about. We are the only animals where? Because I’m pretty sure that’s literally impossible. But I don’t know, maybe someone can prove me wrong, and we actually are the only animals here.

That’s all for this edition of Milyn’s Meddlesome Mentions. Hear you in the hallways, Wildcats.