Student perspective

Jaclyn Bobbe and Olivia Durcan

Some students that have never stepped foot inside of the main campus didn’t know what to expect as they walked the halls and they also felt weird about being back in a school setting.

Despite differences in grades, many students had similar feelings about being back.

Sophomore, Kylee Norkus, also agreed that “the hallways are jammed, and it’s really stressful when you’re going from one side of the school to the other without getting tardy.”

We can all agree that it is hard to get from one hallway to the next, especially if you’re going from one wing on one side of the school to another on the other side.

But there have been some positives about being back in the building according to junior, Avika Aul who said that “it’s good being back in a routine and keeping myself busy… [we’re] finally getting back to normalcy with more games and events.” Due to the pandemic, we didn’t really get any of the fun school events last year, but Aul is excited for the upcoming football games and homecoming this year.

Overall, the changes for in-person learning present mixed feelings and emotions to students of different grades. Neuqua students hope to adjust and settle into in-person learning with being back in the classrooms.

However, this change opens opportunities and questions for the possibility of returning to e-learning. Faculty, staff and students are going to have to keep up maintaining a safe learning environment by leaving masks on, socially distancing and staying aware of face-to-face contact.

If we don’t make a collective effort, we may just have to Zoom through another year.