Staff perspective

Jaclyn Bobbe and Olivia Durcan

Members of The Echo share their perspective about returning to school.


Olivia’s perspective

As a senior, I already have familiarity with attending the main campus for my sophomore year of high school before the pandemic. Initially, I was very excited to see my friends in-person and have more opportunities to make new friends as it is easier to communicate with other students. Attending in person feels more interactive, and I can make connections with new people and teachers. However, I did not forget how crowded the hallways are. Sometimes navigating through others and making my way to my classes on time without becoming overwhelmed or too close to other people. As I move throughout the building, I can find shortcuts here and there. Additionally, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have off-campus lunch and grab something to eat with my friends. I like having the freedom of having more options for what I want to do when I have my lunch period.

Jaclyn’s perspective
As a senior who hasn’t stepped foot into the main campus for one and a half years besides going in to take the SAT, it was definitely strange being back, but at the same time, things felt the same (besides having to wear masks the whole day). The hallways were crowded and full of very slow walkers which made it difficult for me to get to some of my classes on time, which I did experience also during my sophomore year. The cafeteria was full because we had to leave one chair between each student, and we also got free lunch which was something I have never seen before. But the absolute best part about being in person now is that I can interact with my teachers and friends face to face instead of through a screen on Zoom, which will lead to better relationships compared to the ones I had last year.