The wildcat way to stay in shape during off-season

Summer Moore, Staff Writer

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During their season competing, Wildcat athletes practice and train with their teammates. How they stay in shape the rest of the year is up to them. A variety of Neuqua athletes shared how they stay fit between their sports seasons.  

Junior Sam Jourdan is the offensive tackle for one of Neuqua Valley’s football teams. He shared that he “participates in track” as well as lifts weights in a similar regimen to his season training..  

Faith Johnson, a junior at Neuqua, is an outside hitter for the varsity volleyball team. She shared that in order to stay fit she has, “a workout session, with a workout circuit,” during the off-season.

Jackson Karshen, Neuqua Valley junior and soccer defense player, stated that he, “plays club sports indoors and outdoors seasons.”

Matthew McDonnell, junior, plays defense for the Neuqua Valley varsity hockey team.He does, “off-ice workouts,” similar to  CrossFit.

Ella Lavacchi, also a junior, throws shot put for track and field. She stated, “We normally do the same thing [as we do during the season]. We lift to build strength, and continue to work on technique.”

Senior Pierce Salafatinos, a swim and dive 100 breaststroke event swimmer, said that he, “plays water polo,” during offseason to stay in shape.

The Wildcat athletes also have to consider their diets.. Some maintain a strict diet for their sport, such as Jourdan and Salafatinos, who stick to high protein and carb-based meals. There are also Wildcats who are more free with their diets, such as McDonnell, who stated, “I eat whatever I want.”

No matter how these athletes train, during or offseasons, they work to do their best for the sports  they are passionate about.