Neuqua Alumni on Mr. NVHS

Bhoomi Sharma, Photography Editor

The Mr. NVHS competition — a beauty-pageant-like contest for the senior boys of Neuqua Valley — has started again this year. But to some alumni of Neuqua Valley, it was more than just a competition. Alan Tong, Neuqua alumni, mentioned that the competition was “definitely a super memorable night.” Evan Morales, another alumni, said that, “not only did [he] make some great friends with the other contestants but it warmed [his] heart looking out at the audience and seeing all [his] friends and family being so supportive. It became less of a competition and more of a way to come together and have tons of fun.”

The prom tickets they could win and the chance to achieve something weren’t the only things they had in mind when they turned in their applications. Morales shared his love of performing and the thrill of being on stage. Tong talked about the friendships he made through the contest, and how they’re something the contestants will cherish for a long time. Both alumni seem to be doing well after the end of their high school careers. Evan Morales is currently studying musical theatre at Ball State University and plans to either keep performing in shows at a professional level or direct high school theatre. Alan Tong, currently a secondary education and English double major at Vanderbilt University, plans on getting his masters degree immediately or just starting teaching at a high school.

Carl Santos, one of this year’s Mr. NVHS contestants, says that he has wanted to compete in the pageant since freshman year.  It “always looked so much fun,” he explains. He hopes to have a good time with all the other contestants.

Both alumni advise future contestants of Mr. NVHS to not “be scared to do anything you might think is ridiculous,” and most importantly, to “just be yourself on stage.”