Summer bucket list ideas 

Zahra Ladak, Staff Writer

Now that school is ending and the summertime is finally here, it’s time to get out and take advantage of the fantastic weather and freedom this time of year! The long-awaited summer has been heavily anticipated, especially during the long winter and dreaded exams, but now it’s time to take a moment and celebrate the fun yet to come. Here are some summer activities to consider to add to your bucket list! 


  1. Visit the beach

Going to the beach should definitely be one of your top priorities to check off your list this summer! Whether it’s propping up an umbrella and relaxing to the sounds of waves crashing or getting some tan in the sun and cooling off in the water, the beach is the perfect place to spend these hot summer days while having so much fun. 


  1. Take a road trip 

Explore the places around you with some spontaneous adventure this summer! With many new experiences and undiscovered places around you, a road trip can be something to enjoy for a weekend and relieve some stress. 


  1. Host a barbeque 

Find some new recipes to try while having fun with friends and family outdoors! This can be just what you need this summer spending time with the people you love and stepping out of your comfort zone. Also, enjoy some tasty meals while you’re at it! 


  1. Go on a nature walk

Take advantage of nature’s beauty and ease your mind with a break from our technology-filled world by enjoying the outdoors. A hiking trail nearby or even a National Park can help you relax while staying active this summer!


  1. Enjoy a bonfire with friends 


Some of the best memories come from late summer nights with friends. Enjoy some tasty s’mores and deep conversations around a cozy campfire this summer while making memories that will last a lifetime!


  1. Have a picnic 

Relax under the sunshine with your favorite foods and friends on a nice summer afternoon and watch the sunset. This can allow you to enjoy the company of others while having nice conversations, as well as prepare and savor delicious treats! 


These are just a few of the many things you can do this summer! With the increased free time and beautiful weather, definitely treat yourself to the endless fun around you. So I would recommend grabbing a piece of paper and a pencil, and making your very own bucket list for this summer!