Neuqua Valley Varsity Lacrosse Team celebrates a win this season


Zahra Ladak, Staff Writer

The Neuqua Valley Lacrosse team has been on a roll, with many players setting numerous records this season! They have played an amazing season and ended it off strong by placing at the DVC tournament, led by team captains Molly Keen, Sarah Chow, and Jessi Long. With 8 wins and 7 losses this season, as well as 4 wins and 2 losses at DVC, this team has been playing their best. Just last night, the team placed first in the playoffs and is on their way to compete for the winning spot. With two exceptional players, Brooke Kirchner and Zawadi Brown, this team has been setting new records all season. 


Brooke Kirchner, referred to as “cookie” by her teammates, is the youngest DVC goalie, being a freshman, and has set countless records this season. Even when missing a fifth of this season, she has a total of 127 saves, placing way above the national level. Not only is she playing for the varsity team at Neuqua Valley, but she is also a goalie for the Lakeshore Lacrosse National Premier 2026 team. As a very involved player in this sport, she claims her experiences have “taught [her] the importance of leadership and how to deal with adversity.” Leading after her father who also played lacrosse growing up, Kirchner is a highly valued player on the Neuqua team and has had a huge impact on their success this season. 


Additionally, Zawadi Brown has been quite the talk of the season as a star player on the Neuqua Valley varsity team. She is a strong player on the school team, but also is involved in many competitions on a national level and also plays on the US 16 Select National Team. Committed to playing lacrosse at Vanderbilt University, following in the footsteps of her parents who are alumni, Brown has a bright future filled with success yet to come. Her love for sports is also shown by her high achievements and set records as a cross-country athlete as she placed first in the State! This two-sport competitor is proud of her many achievements and remarks, “I think I’m just a competitive person. I like to win.” Surely, her competitive spirit has helped lead the Neuqua Valley team to a success this season as well and her teammates are proud to consider her as a valuable player on the team. 


Besides these two athletes, the Neuqua Valley Lacrosse Team overall has been an unstoppable group of talented players this season and looks forward to reaching even more next season. As athletes finish up their season, the school cheers them on for their amazing successes and wishes them all the best with their many skilled players leading them to their bright future!