2023-2024 Echo Editors-in-Chief


Patricia Novak, Staff Writer

With the seniors moving on to bigger things, The Echo is more than happy to introduce our new student editors for the next school year. Lily Ha and Emma Vorasorn step up to fill the roles.


Lily Ha, the new Head Editor In Chief, was Assistant Editor In Chief this previous year and is more than qualified to take the lead position. She’s most excited to meet the new staff members that are joining The Echo and get to collaborate with them as well. Journalism is one of the majors she’s considering for the future, she is both interested and passionate about Neuqua’s Newspaper. What interests her about journalism is the ability to write, but more about getting to connect with the community here at Neuqua- whether it’s with teachers and other faculty members, but also other students that attend here.


Assistant Editor In Chief, Emma Vorasorn has been selected for the job. Emma, since joining the Echo for the 2022-2023 school year has been an active member in The Echo. Given this new role, she is excited to help others find their voices and say what they want to, giving the student body a voice. She loves to inform and educate people on the world around them whether it’s current events, or just things going on in the school community. She previously designed the class of 2023 senior magazine and has covered everything from Neuqua’s hockey team to recycling.


With the current school year coming to an end, we prepare for the next. With Lily and Emma in charge, we are in more than good hands.