Study tips for the upcoming Ap exams



Ap Exams will take place at Neuqua Valley through May 1st to May 12th

Camila Reyes, Staff Writer

With today marking the first day of rigorous Ap exams for the 2022-2023 school year, many students are faced with stress and hours of studying in preparation for these important dates. These exams are designed to test the knowledge of students at a college level and earn college credit or advanced placement, but that also makes them challenging. But with the right mindset and planning, all student are capable of doing well on any number of Ap exams.


            1. Buy/ borrow/ a review book for your Ap class

The main part of what makes Ap exams super stressful and difficult is the amount of content that will be found on many of the AP exams. Getting or borrowing or even just looking through a review book (or just any type of review provided by your teacher) is a great way to make sure you are prepared for the exam. Reviews are also good for gathering all the content of the exam into one place and can help you figure out what you may or may not remember from the school year.

           2. Take practice exams from your Ap classroom

Throughout the year, I’m sure you have taken your fair share of practice tests, but it’s always good to take these before the exam as well to get into the testing mindset and prepare yourself for what the exam will be like. It is also important to find out what your strengths and weaknesses might be for the exam, and what may need more of your attention during studying.

           3. Create a list of topics you do not understand

Connected to the previous tip, it’s essential to figure out what you may be struggling with and set aside more time to focus on reviewing those topics a little bit more. While it’s important to study all the content, studying the same thing every time is not always best when other areas may be more familiar to others. Balance is key, which also brings the next tip.    

           4. Create a study plan

Having a set plan unique to you is a great way to ensure you are prepared for an exam. With all the content on the exam, breaking up everything into set days and times for each topic can be a good way to minimize stress. Especially if you are a student taking more than one Ap exam, having a plan can really help to stay organized and divide your time accordingly.

           5. Watch this 6-minute video before your exam (

This video goes over important information about the exam days at Neuqua Valley High School.

          6. Look over the CED for your Ap exam (

With guidance from the College Board, CED is a course and exam description. This lays out the course content in the exam and describes what to expect, which can be a useful study tool when preparing for the exam. It is always best to know the most you can about your exam.

            7. Take study breaks or do short activities away from studying

Continuously studying is not always the best method to prepare for an exam. Taking small breaks in between topics or every hour is good stress relief and gives your brain a bit of time to relax. Even going to a sports game or hanging out with friends can help with productivity and the ability to focus when you get back to studying. These exams are important, but you are important too.

            8. Join forces with other students or talk to your teacher beforehand

It is always a good idea to get some help if it is needed, or simply feel more prepared. If it’s your first Ap Exam, it might be good to speak to other friends or your teacher who has experience with these examinations. It might also give you more motivation while studying to be with other peers who know what you’re going through and can help along the way. Your Ap classroom teacher may also be able to give you specific advice or tips for your particular exam.

           9. Pick a good studying environment

The place where you choose to do the majority of your studying is very important. Studying at home in your room isn’t always what works for everyone. Maybe try studying outside in nature, at the library, or at a coffee shop. Being in a more comfortable environment can help you to better retain all the content before the exam. Sometimes students just want to go home and relax, so keeping those two environments separate is key, even if it means going to a different room in your home.

           10. Don’t let the weight of the exam hold you down

It’s always important to not allow the overwhelming feeling of stress or fear to control you. Do not let these kinds of emotions before the exam stop you from studying or focusing during the test. It is good to remind yourself that you have been preparing for this all year, so make sure to trust yourself and do your very best. 


If you want extra tips, linked are also some motivational tips from College Board themselves 

Ap exams bring up a lot of stress for students, but I hope these tips can help some of you with your studying and confidence going into the test. Good luck Wildcats on all your Ap Exams!