Neuqua Honors Ceremony and Distinguished Alumni

Emma Vorasorn, Staff Writer

After another year of hard work, Neuqua Valley’s most dedicated students get the recognition they deserve. The six categories for Neuqua Valley Honors make sure to acknowledge all factors contributing to the accomplishments of our students, as success looks different for everyone. Students are recognized for their growth, leadership, contributions to Neuqua, spirit, equity, service and civics. While this ceremony honors our current Neuqua students, it also acknowledged three distinguished alumni that maintained these values well into adulthood and have much to show for it.

Amelia Hoban Russell, class of 2000, has become a pioneer in the medical world with her extensive healthcare expertise and natural leadership skills. Currently, Amelia works as a CNO at Largo Medical Center in Florida, using her knowledge to help a countless amount of people, especially through the pandemic.

Brian Lundeen, class of 2004, got into forensic accounting after taking up a job at the Forensics and Litigation department of a top-10 accounting firm in Los Angeles, California. Now, Brian is a Certified public Accountant in Washington D.C., California, and Virginia, as well as a Certified Fraud Examiner. His main goal in life has always been to help people, which he accomplishes through his career as well as extensive volunteer work.

Lastly, Dan Meaney, class of 2010, has become an essential part of the Navy as Submarine officer. His valuable knowledge in mechanical engineering has lead him to receive a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UIUC. Dan has used his knowledge and wisdom to teach others, even serving as an Assistant Professor at UIUC. Nowadays, Dan works on highly classified space programs in Rolling Meadows, Illinois while simultaneously serving as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserves. Dan  makes an immense impact on the world almost daily, never forgetting the payoff of hard work.