Taylor Swift: Eras tour kickoff 


Taylor Swift began her Eras tour in Glendale, AZ on March 17, 2023.

Mahima Shankar, Staff Writer

Originally named, Glendale, Arizona, is now called Swift City in honor of Taylor’s debut concert for her Era’s tour kickoff. After the Ticketmaster fiasco earlier in the year, many of Swift’s fans, otherwise known as “Swifties”, can enjoy at least one night of her emotionally heightened tour. Swift has not toured since 2018, and since then she has produced 6 albums (4 of which are new, and 2 that are rerecordings). These albums were all different genres, and evoked different emotions and perspectives from the audience, not to mention many investigators trying to figure out future releases or covers. 

This time around, each night of her concert has two surprise songs that Taylor will sing for her audience. Some of her surprise songs include: “This is me trying,” “Mirrorball,” “Death by a thousand cuts,” “State of Grace” and much more. This has her fanbase scrambling, and creating lists to guess and figure out what surprise songs will be featured during their concert. This is not the only twist to Swift’s concerts; she also has a little inside joke with her fans where they shout or sing certain phrases in between her lines. This occurs in songs like: “Bad Blood,” “Delicate,” and a couple more. 

Swift’s tour has received plentiful cherished feedback from many platforms and her fanbase as well. Lots of her fans seem even reluctant to leave the stadium after her performance, due to the shock and amusement they’ve experienced. The months ahead of her are quite filled up with several more tour dates across the nation, and I think I speak for all the Swifties when I say she will not disappoint.