Just Speak! The Monologue Show returns with powerful and original words

Leah Dennison, Staff Writer

The Monologue Show is back again for another year of unique, self-written performances by students of all kinds.


The show consists of aspiring actors, writers, singers, and poets who want to share their words with the rest of Neuqua Valley. This is a perfect opportunity to showcase the work of writers of all sorts. It’s a student show. Everyone on the stage has written a piece of their own, with guidance and support from director Michael Rossi. Every performer had an empowering message to share about many different ideas. The subjects touched on are moving, as oftentimes they can be related to by viewers of the show. 


The show contains fun, interesting components to it besides the acts. During intermission, the entire cast followed the tradition of doing Zumba on stage, even inviting audience members to partake in the tradition. Students were also able to write their own biographies and submit their own pictures in the show’s pamphlet. If not, Chat GPT wrote their biographies for them. This led to a humorous yet enticing catalog that audience members were able to read along with a look at some of the interesting images chosen, which helped to see a little more of who the performers were. 


The Monologue Show is truly inspiring, as audience members are able to see the work and dedication of high school students. From skits with shark and fish puppets to original songs, each act had a unique aspect of its own. Not to mention, every show is completely different.    There is a new lineup of performers for all three shows, so it is suggested that audience members return for another night of completely new acts if they wish to hear more original work written by their peers.