Rihannas iconic pregnancy performance


Iconic popster Rihanna captured in her full glory

The iconic Super Bowl of 2023 was a spectacle of multiple proportions, with both the Eagles and the Chiefs putting in their all towards the close and intense game, but the biggest of these spectacles has to have been the show stopping performance by Rihanna. Widely praised and known for her songs that are nothing short of notorious, she performed Sunday night to a crowd of surprised but satisfied fans. She performed her well-known hits, including “B—- Better Have My Money”, “Where have you been”, “Only Girl”, “We Found Love”, “Rude Boy”, “Work”, and “Pour it Up.” 


The bombshell of the night was her unexpected pregnancy, which she subtly announced while performing. This unanticipated reveal of her second child made her show one of the most memorable moments in Superbowl history. Her baby bump strategically featured with her bold outfit was definitely the star moment of the show. The audience was in utter awe of the stage presence and set-up, as well as her opening to the show, topped with her incredible voice that never fails to impress. 


This jaw-dropping performance was made even more impressive with talented, eye-catching background dancers. In fact, her background dancers are becoming a well-talked topic among the youth of our generation as people noticed one of the dancers doing famous Tik Tok dances in the background. Although this was definitely not a planned occurrence, the show was still undeniably remarkable. 


While there was some disappointment in the air due to her not playing some of her hits like ‘Pon de Replay’ and ‘Disturbia’; her set list was still exemplary and evoked a level of nostalgia with any of her fans. In fact, young fans took to social media apps like Tik Tok and posted videos about how much they loved her performance, some making jokes along the lines of her performance being so amazing that it was the entire Super Bowl itself. 


Though fans have been long waiting for her return to live performances, her show was something that rekindled their love for her music. After seven long years away from the stage, she crushed her entrance to the 2023 halftime show, leaving the audience speechless. What an exemplary way to make a return to her career! We can only hope that she releases new music in the future, but we will have to just wait and see.