Neuqua’s Varsity Hockey Team Takes Their Shot at the Playoffs

Emma Vorasorn and Patricia Novak

Playoffs are finally here for high school hockey, and the Neuqua Varsity team is in it to win! With 11 out of the 19 players graduating this year, this is a sentimental time for the boys. For some, this could be the last time they play competitively. 


This past Saturday, February 11th, they beat Sandburg 2-1 in an intense battle to the finish. They now will play a three game series against Waubonsie this weekend on the 18th and 19th to determine which team will advance. We talked to a few seniors on the team about their experience playing varsity hockey.


TJ Skipper, two year Varsity Defensemen said, “I’ve played hockey for Neuqua all four years and it’s been some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Since I’m a senior and our season is wrapping up in the next few weeks, I’m starting to realize how fast it’s all moving. These last two years for me on varsity have been amazing and I’m gonna miss all my boys when it’s all said and done. The memories I’ve made I’ll keep with me forever. Between all of us hitting a taco truck at 2 am in Nashville the night before a game, the post practice Don’s trips, beating Waubonsie for my Senior Night, the Belbers and Miller leaving random junk on my lawn… the list goes on and on. The guys all work hard every shift and that’s why we’ve had so much success the last four years.”


Keith Rohzon, Varsity team captain also felt emotional about his last game..“It’s been an incredible 4 years of hockey with the boys. Sad to see it’s almost over but I’ve made some great memories and had an awesome time with the team. I’ve played on lines with some great players the last couple years and I’m excited to see what’s coming. Hockey’s good, hockey’s great, hockey hallelujah.”


Talking to all these seniors made us realize how important this is for all of them, and how precious these high school experiences are. It is so important for us to cherish these moments, for they are truly gone in an instant. For some who don’t partake in team sports, it may be hard to understand how much time and energy is invested into the season. Nights are spent at practice, weekends are spent at tournaments and every free moment is spent with their team.  


Come out to the games to support the seniors and their final high school hockey games. It is guaranteed to be entertaining and to get your adrenaline pumping. The link to their schedule will be attached at the bottom for access to all the information you need.