Neuqua’s anticipated Variety Show returns to greet audiences


Adam Hristov

Neuqua’s Variety Show was held this past weekend.

Lily Ha, Editor-in-Chief

This past weekend, Neuqua Valley held its annual Variety Show. As students finish their first month back into the second semester, the Neuqua Valley High School Theater program presented a high-quality performance for the public to attend.

Variety Show was held in the Neuqua Valley auditorium on Feb. 9, 10 and 11, 2023. The 30 different performances were split into two acts. They featured a variety of singing, dancing, magic, and more. Talented students performed with tech crews working tirelessly behind the scenes. Both students and teachers at Neuqua’s Theater program utilized lights and sound to make the show an immersive experience. The light colors and fog fit well with the vibe set for each special performance, and the host groups added unique in-between commentary that was clever, witty, and fun to be a part of. 

Variety Show has always been a popular opportunity for friends and family to appreciate a selected few of the many talented singers, dancers, musicians and performers. Yearly performances like these help bring Neuqua together to celebrate the talent and excitement that academics sometimes hides from view.

Burhan Sufi, a senior and Variety Show host, says, “I think it’s the uniqueness of V-Show that’s so fun there’s nothing quite like it. There were only 3 days of rehearsals before the show and there’s nothing similar to being a host that’s offered at Neuqua.” He admits that the most stressful part was the audition itself.

On a personal note, he thinks that the magic act was probably the most different part of V-Show than previous years. “I hope the future brings different acts in as well,” he says. When asked if there was anything he would want to let his fellow peers know about Variety Show, he replies, “even if you aren’t sure about trying out, you should go for it. People want to see what you’re good at. There is absolutely no harm in trying for it.”

Cooper Elliott, a senior and Variety Show performer, says that his favorite part, aside from the actual performance, was the energy from everyone that was watching and cheering others on. He admits he freestyled a little for his solo so it was stressful when having to make it up on the spot.

According to this year’s performers, what set this Variety Show apart from last year’s performance was definitely that the students could go all out. Tyler Gilbert, a senior and magician for this year’s V-show, says, “This was my first performance in the show. I would say my favorite part of this show was getting to be with the people backstage and to hang out with everyone while watching others perform.”

Like Elliott, Gilbert also had to improvise on occasion. However, it was a new, exciting experience that he loved every minute of Not only was there a great turnout, but all performers were able to interact with a fun and supportive group of people.

Students, many coming to enjoy an evening with family or friends, left the auditorium in awe. Kevin Xu, a senior at Neuqua, recalled liking the Fat Brass act, a band composed of brass instruments, the most. “Their performance really hyped up the crowd and I loved seeing my senior friends in their outfits,” he added.

Personally, I genuinely enjoyed this year’s Variety Show to the fullest. All performers were incredibly talented and deserved to be on stage. My favorite act was the vocal duet “Man or Muppet,” performed by Onora Kirpanos and Dylan Sedgewick. Both were so talented, especially since they were very good at projecting their voices toward the audience. Additionally, the hand puppets with matching colored suits that the two prepared were very clever and comedic.

The show would not have been possible without the support of teachers, as Variety Show is run by Neuqua staff. We, as Neuqua students, appreciate the talents and efforts put in by Neuqua Wildcats, and as another Variety Show passes us, we look forward to next year’s show.