Why Shrek is the best movie of all time

Shrek (2001)


Shrek (2001)

Viraj Desai and Lily Ha

When one thinks of the best movie of all time, one usually think of movies such as The Matrix, The Godfather, etc. But the most iconic movie of all time is not one of these groundbreakers; but rather a children’s film. The correct answer is, Shrek. 

Shrek is the best movie of all time. It has humor, adventure, and a sweet message. Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy gave outstanding performances as Shrek and Donkey. I mean, who doesn’t think of Donkey when thinking of the best animated character of all time? The animation was also really well done for its time, as the movie came out in 2001. Even though it is almost 22 years old, the film has stuck with so many people. The iconic opening scene will forever be remembered as one of the best opening scenes of any film. The opening scene also made the song, “All Star” by Smash Mouth a big hit. Whenever someone hears even the first note of the song, they know it’s the opening song from Shrek. The beautiful message was also conveyed through the film, as it showed that beauty is on the inside. Even though Shrek was an ogre, Fiona was still able to fall in love with him, and she chose to be an ogre for the rest of her life. 

The best part about this movie though, is the memes. This film is probably one of the most memed film of all time, which is part of the reason why it’s so iconic. So many meme formats are from this movie, and Shrek is found in a meme of any kind. 

Just look up “Shrek memes” on Google; you won’t be disappointed. 

In conclusion, Shrek is the best movie of all time because it has a good message, is funny, and is insanely memed. Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.