Behind the Scenes of The Multicultural Show

Patricia Novak, Staff Writer

The multi-cultural show is a perfect opportunity to share your culture with the rest of the Neuqua community. Whether the act is singing or dancing, all are welcome to try out. Although auditions are no longer going on for this year’s show, there is a multi-cultural show every year.

           Some might think the audition process is super intimidating and this misconception might bring many to not try out for the show. However, as someone who has only ever been to orchestra auditions, it is nothing like that. Mrs. McGillan creates a warm and welcoming environment. She gave positive feedback and let the acts know if they were definitely in the show right after they finished the audition so there was no anxious period afterward waiting for the news. The process is super quick and easy. The auditions last around a minute or two each. The auditions are also completely private in a classroom- so no scary stage or lights.

          Even though auditions are closed for this year, again, there is a multi-cultural show every year. Good news, the audition process is not as intimidating as it seems. The multicultural show is in the auditorium on February 23rd.