“SOS” Album Review


Daniel Sannwald

The official cover for SZA’s new album, “SOS”

Charlie Wallin, Staff Writer

SZA’s newest album has finally been released, and there’s no way to explain my excitement about itt. Her sophomore album goes through multiple themes throughout the 23 songs, including heartbreak, self-doubt, and insecurities. This also sheds a little bit of light of her and Drake’s relationship in 2008, and the rollercoaster will likely take you from sobbing to immediately dancing around your room, and with that, let’s dive into this wonderful album.


SOS”: This was such a top-notch way to kick off an album. These lyrics are so amazing, and I think I heard some sampling from “Champagne Poetry” in the background. This song is just so great and I just love playing it on repeat. 9.5/10

Kill Bill”: The chokehold the chorus had on me was so otherworldly I literally listened to this nonstop. These lyrics just make me want to go on a vengeful rampage against an ex that I don’t have. (Yes, just like the movie). This song is my favorite on the entire album, and it’s obvious as to why. 10/10

Seek & Destroy”’: The opening lyrics did something to my soul because oh my was this amazing. The lyrics are so catchy and upbeat, it’s another amazing song. 9/10

Low”: This song is much more upbeat than I originally thought, and the lyrics definitely pump me up. 8.5/10

Love Language”: This song is so cute, and makes me warm inside, but it’s kind of mediocre for an album off to an amazing start. 8/10

Blind”: One of her four songs that were teased on Tiktok, this sounded so mesmerizing, and lifted my soul during the chorus. 9/10

Used” (ft. Don Toliver): An amazing song with a featured artist that actually sings more than a few words (I’m looking at you, Snow on the Beach). This is a collaboration that I never thought I would’ve needed, but the song itself wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. 8/10

Snooze”: Another one of her sweet songs, and the lyrics are calming, but kind of put me to sleep. 7.5/10

Notice Me”: This song is super freaking catchy, and it leaves me humming it at random times, but still not as good as some others. 7.5/10

Gone Girl”: First Kill Bill, and now this just makes me want to hunt down an ex that I don’t have. This song is so amazing, and that key change near the end tore me apart. 8/10

Smoking on my Ex Pack”: Another song referencing Drake; this short but sweet song shows how she’s moved on from their relationship. 8.5/10

Ghost in the Machine” (ft. Phoebe Bridgers): Immediately out of the gate, this song is so beautiful. This is such a calming and underrated song, and Phoebe Bridgers absolutely killed it. 9/10

F2F”: Don’t take this the wrong way, but this song seems like an outro to a 2000s Disney coming-of-age movie. It’s kind of catchy, but a no from me. 6/10

Nobody Gets Me”: The song is like a punch to my gut. It got me screaming and sobbing and called me single in 500 ways. It’s so heartwarming and is definitely one way to let out a good cry. 9/10

Conceited”: This is just an ok song. That’s literally it. Nothing else to say. 7/10

Special”: Another one of her love songs, it hit me in all of the feels, again, and it’s just super sweet. 8.5/10

Too Late”: This catchy and upbeat song was actually really good and gave off such amazing vibes. 8.5/10

Far”: This song deals with the theme of rejection, and the lyrics are pretty heartbreaking and left me with tears streaming down my face. 9/10

Shirt”: Another song that was teased on TikTok, it’s very upbeat and is super addicting to listen to, especially the chorus. 9/10

Open Arms” (feat. Travis Scott): This song is near the top of my list for the album. It’s just so sweet and seems like an amazing song to play at something like prom. Surprisingly, Travis Scott works pretty well with this; it’s not a bad change of pace. 9.5/10

I Hate U”: The intro was a little weird on this song, and was a little slower than I anticipated, but overall it was still pretty good. 8.5/10

Good Days”: The immediate feelings this song put out were unreal. I remember listening to this in 2020 when everyone was stuck at home, and was sent back in time in such an ethereal way. 9.5/10

Foregiveless” (ft. Ol’ Dirty Bastard): This song was actually really good, minus the intro, which was a little concerning to say the least. I just really want to scream out the lyrics, and this was such a showstopping way to finish off an album 8.5/10


TOTAL: 204.5/230 (88.9%)


This album was absolutely amazing, and although some songs dragged the final rating down a little bit, it still demonstrates the power SZA holds over the music community, as she finally earned her first No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with “SOS”.