Naperville Public Library swarming with students ahead of finals week


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The second floor of the Naperville Public Library has large areas of study space.

Mahima Shankar, Staff Writer

The time has finally come for finals season in District 204, and along with finals comes long evenings of studying. A common place most students in this district have found is the Naperville Public Library. This library is suitable for the swarms of students coming in to study since it serves the fourth largest city in Illinois itself. 

During this time the outside is filled with sleeted snow and quickly decreasing temperatures. While the library is a safe haven for many hours of studying to focus, it is also a great place to stay warm while reading a book in the many comfortable areas set up for anyone. 

Certain students also use the library as a safe spot for further tutoring that they may find necessary. Although it is quite noisy and busy during finals season, the library is nonetheless a perfect place to have a study session with your tutor. As a matter of fact, numerous teachers from nearby schools travel the short distance to meet with fellow students who are struggling with a class. 

Even if the library may be a little noisy at times due to the bulk of students trying to squeeze in seats for finals season, this area is the best place to grind on upcoming tests. At times, our personal home space is not the wisest area for our studying to take place, and that is why the library can be a suitable alternative.