This is an artist to “Beabadoobee” familiar with this 2019

Allison Blaszak, Staff Writer

Bea Kristi is an 18-year-old singer/ songwriter based in London that performs with the stage name“Beabadoobee.” Her fame came about from her first song “Coffee” which got 300,000 views when posted by a fan on Youtube. On Dec. 7, after being signed to Dirty hit Records the company that also signed The 1975, she released her first EP, “Patched Up.” This EP includes “a collection of songs that patch up the history of teenage unhappiness in lead up to turning 18” as described by Kristi in her Spotify description. With her music, she hopes to spread good feelings and positivity to her audience.

The EP from start to finish is filled with relatable mentions to teenage life experiences ranging from crushes to the fear of growing up. Almost all of her songs use a familiar soft indie-alternative tone with a steady guitar melody. I really liked how she started the EP with the lyrics in the song Everest, “You’re alright, you’re still breathing.” In life, especially in high school, things can be overwhelming, but this song reminds the listeners that it will be okay in the end. “Tired” is a song that strays from encouraging words to acknowledging emotional hardship, saying “Maybe it’s time to shut away, ‘Cause I’ve never really felt okay.” Both of these songs acknowledge the emotional experiences of teenagers. Kristi also delves into the crush culture most teens will experience in their school days with songs “Art Class,” “The Way I Spoke” and “Dance with Me.”

While most of the songs follow a common orchestration with guitar and vocals, “If You Want To” has a bit more of an alternative undertone with varied instruments providing an intense buildup in the song. This by far was my favorite song because I enjoy upbeat indie/ alternative music rather than her other softer songs.

Kristi creatively wove the insecurities of teen life into her songs with beautiful vocals and great production. The songs felt natural, as though it was her story being told. The lyrics were extremely relatable and can allow audience members young or old to connect with the artist. Though my music taste differs a bit from the “Patched Up” EP, it was something that I could find myself listening to again when needing the reassurance that the songs provide.