Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier, German Club is Here!

Jack RS, Staff Writer

Neuqua German Club is the real deal when it comes to fun extracurricular activities. It is open to any student who is interested in German culture regardless of experience. Sponsored by Mrs. Calvert, a German Teacher at Neuqua Valley, the club holds many events for participants. 


“I always liked the cooking and baking events because everybody has a lot of fun with those. Gingerbread is very popular in Germany as it’s called Lebkuchen so that’s why we make gingerbread houses towards the winter season.” – Mrs. Calvert


Speaking of the similarities between some American culture and German culture, the winter season is a great time to check out German traditions. A winter holiday celebrated in Germany is “Saint Nicholas day when Saint Nicholas comes and leaves presents and shoes and there are some people with German Heritage who carry on that tradition here even in America.” Linguistically, English and German are similar in that “there’s lots of cognate between the two languages.” – Mrs. Calvert


German culture is one of many traditions that have found their way to America as told by the emphasis of inclusion we have at Neuqua Valley High School. Mrs. Calvert is very open and accepting of anyone who wants to spend time at German club and recommends authentic German marketplaces “in downtown Chicago the Christkindlmarket which you can visit and there’s actually a sister Market of that one that’s in Aurora.” With that said, have fun learning something new with Neuqua German Club!