Game On!

The contestants experience


The cast for the eighth episode of game on consisted of students from the 2019 and 2020 classes. Students in the 2019 class were Aidan Murphy, Matthew Arends, Megan Wu, Avery Higdon, Jordan Matthews, Jaylen Scott, Christine Philip and Brianne Pirkins. Students in the 2020 class were Keilah Moore, Joey Matusik, Grace Lee, Quinton Lewandowski, Ankit Chhajed, Asia Graham, Luke Selby and Taylor O’Malley.

Anika Haridas, Editor

The NCTV17 Naperville broadcasting company recently hosted the eighth episode of their show “Game On!”.  On the NCTV17 website, their mission statement is stated clearly — to connect their viewers and to celebrate the community as a whole. This is also the goal of the Naperville game show, “Game On!”. The television company started their debut in 1987, “delivering hyper-local television coverage of the people, places and perspectives that matter to Naperville residents.”

Prior to the events of the game show, Dr. Robert McBride, principal of Neuqua Valley, tells the audience that it is important to engage in Naperville activities to feel a sense of community in their daily lives, saying that when NCTV17 reached out to him, he took advantage of the opportunity to form a greater connection between the students of Neuqua and the citizens of Naperville.  

A variety of students from both the junior and senior classes participated in the event, which bore the tagline of “clash of the classes” to attract the Neuqua and Naperville community. Of the students that participated in the event, Junior Asia Graham and Senior Jordan Matthews voiced their opinions on the experience.

Graham said that it was nerve-racking at first, especially since many people would see her on live TV. Despite this fact, she didn’t let her nervousness stop her from having fun on the stage. She is known for her friendly and outgoing personality and she is glad that events like this will help her remember her time in high school as one full of fun and unique experiences. She goes on to state that  “going on stage and actually playing with everyone was really fun, and it’s cool because I’m not going to be able to experience something like this ever again.”

Senior Jordan Matthews says that the game show was a good bonding experience with the seniors he worked with, saying, ““Game On!” was a pretty fun experience. It was a little nerve-racking, being in front of a TV and in front of a live audience, but it was really cool working together with the other seniors.”

The Neuqua episode of the game show “Game On!”, was a charitable event that benefited all those who participated by both giving its profits to the senior class gift and offering an all-around uplifting experience. The students got to bond with people they may have never talked to otherwise, bringing the Neuqua and Naperville communities closer overall.