Dove Cameron’s newest music video is an authentic work of activism

A sneak peek of Dove Camerons music video, Breakfast

Dove Cameron

A sneak peek of Dove Cameron’s music video, “Breakfast”

Viraj Desai, Staff Writer

TW: Mentions of abuse, SA


When Dove Cameron is mentioned, most people associate her with the iconic double roles of Liv and Maddie Rooney from Disney’s “Liv and Maddie”; a show that many grew up with. Another iconic role taken up by Cameron was Mal from Disney’s “Descendants”, also associated with the childhood of many people. As a teenager, her main genre was working for kids’ series, and she delivered those roles in a spectacular way. However, the world has grown up, and so has she. Her newest music video “Breakfast” is the best example of how far the actress has come since her Disney Channel days. 


Cameron’s advocacy work started with her earlier hit single “Boyfriend”, which topped the charts in February. This song was written as a queer anthem; to show Dove’s comfort of being bisexual and sharing her experience with some struggling to come out. It ended up providing comfort to so many people who listened to the song, and showed that Dove had successfully advocated for LGBTQ+ rights. This advocacy work continued with “Breakfast”: providing a new image to everyone who saw the music video. 


With the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade (1973), women’s rights have been violated tremendously. Many women across the country are protesting and begging to regain their rights. Dove Cameron’s new song “Breakfast” was written in support for the protesters and to show her defiance for the new laws. The lyrics of the song alone are so powerful, and describe her hatred for the laws and the men who created them. She says she will “eat these boys for breakfast” in her chorus, implying that she wants to get revenge after the atrocities they have caused for women. Cameron also mentions in her song that she knows treating men like this isn’t right, but she likes the power and therefore continues to do it. This specific line really echoes the thought processes of the men creating these laws on women’s bodies. Cameron exposes them by using their words against them, which is known to have worked like a charm in the past. Instead of the females being shown as powerless and senile, the men are in this position; being abused by their female bosses. Dove Cameron poses as a female boss, and doesn’t react after a male employee is sexually assaulted, echoing the reactions of males when females go through the same struggle. The man ends up impregnated, and all the doctor says is, “Next time, don’t drink too much.” It really reflects the fact that the women are always blamed for their struggles, and the men are able to continue with their lives without being in the wrong. Cameron uses activism in the finest way through all of these tropes by switching the gender roles, and it really makes people reflect on the way our society is structured and question its morality. 


Dove Cameron’s music video “Breakfast” really proves that she is a true activist, and that she has come so far from her Disney Channel days. Her video shows an authentic form of activism, and it really makes society reflect on their mistakes. By using entertainment to portray a thought provoking trope, her message for women’s rights is heard by the whole world.