When is it too early for Christmas music?



The approaching holiday season brings much debate about the appropriate time for Christmas music.

As the Halloween season has come to an end, traces of Christmas have slowly been creeping back into everyone’s lives, and with this inevitably comes Christmas music. The arrival of Christmas music right after Halloween draws a lot of heated opinions, with some people completely adoring the holiday tunes and others despising them. So, here comes the pressing question: when is too soon to start playing Christmas music?


Immediately after Halloween is when several establishments start to play Christmas music, yet some complain that it is too early because Thanksgiving has not come yet. However, a poll conducted by the Echo has indicated that most Neuqua students do, in fact, think that Christmas music should be played right after Halloween. I also have to agree. After Halloween is when most people start to think of the holiday season, and so it is only fitting that Christmas music be played to get people in the mood for the holiday festivities to come. The Thanksgiving argument does not make sense to me, as Thanksgiving in and of itself is not associated with particular music so the cheerful Christmas tunes deserve to be played before. Playing the music at this time actually garners more excitement for Thanksgiving and the approach of Christmas after! 

40% of people polled think that Christmas music should only be played after December. While I do see this point of view, I once again think that playing it right after Halloween helps to foster more excitement for Thanksgiving and the holiday season to come. And, of course, who doesn’t like something to look forward to? With Christmas music, we get the constant reassurance that good things are coming soon! All in all, I believe that the best time for Christmas music to be played is right after Halloween. Not only does it help bring excitement, but it also helps people get in the mood for the holiday season to come! 

Here at The Echo, with its diverse room of opinions, editor-in-chief Ben LeGrand had a few thoughts to rebut the early Christmas music crowd:

Some may call me a Scrooge, some may question my holiday spirit, but I will not waver on my stance against early Christmas music. Christmas music should not be played before Thanksgiving, and certainly not earlier than Halloween, as some radicals may want. The onset of the hyper repetitive 10-15 song selection of the Christmas season continues to attack the border of fall and winter. Along with the 75 degree days in November, allowing Christmas songs to be played before Thanksgiving are eliminating the already fleeting fall season. A person can only handle so much Mariah Carey in one year, and 1 month is the prescribed amount. After about the fourth listen of “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” I’m ready to seal that song back into its box for the rest of the year. While the poll results might not be in my favor, I know I’m not the only one annoyed by the seasonal music choices.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s up to you to decide whether playing Christmas music at your family celebration is acceptable or not.