Wildcat Corner Gallery

Charlie Wallin and Patricia Novak

Last Friday, Nov. 4, Neuqua’s mental health club “You Matter” had three therapy dogs come in during lunch periods. During most of the morning and afternoon, the D-loft was filled with puzzles and games, but the main event was the therapy dogs who stopped by as a way to relieve stress from students. One of the dogs, Holly, a cream colored lab, has an interesting story.


Holly was there to visit the students during 5th period. A lot of people came and went, but Holly stayed put. Holly was incredibly well-behaved. She is trained to stay calm and to not bite or growl if someone were to touch her in a way she didn’t like. Unfortunately, Holly has had knee surgery and has a little scar to remember it. Regardless, she is incredibly well trained and is overall one of the kindest dogs.  The event is one to be remembered, and maybe some will be back before finals to help students through that final push.