An Honest “Midnights” Review


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s brand new album cover

Charlie Wallin, Staff Writer

The wait for Taylor’s new album is finally over, and because I hardly ever listen to her, it feels like a great time for me to voice my (hopefully good) opinion. (By the way, please don’t martyr me in the comments, I’ve had it enough by practically everybody). Let’s get this over with. 


In typical Taylor fashion, this album had 10 of the songs reach top 10 on the Billboard charts, making her the first person ever to do so, and this rollercoaster of an album gives people another inside look on a bit of her personal life.


Starting off strong, we have “Lavender Haze”, and this one was honestly pretty good, there was just something rather ethereal about it, but not as good as I hoped for the start of a Taylor album, so 8/10.


Next is “Maroon”, and while I’ve heard decent things from my very biased friends, it still was a little bit of a letdown for basically the entire song, so 7.5/10.


“Anti-Hero” had such great lyrics, and the bridge was absolutely heavenly, it hit me in all the right places,  8.5/10.


“Snow on the Beach” (featuring Lana Del Rey) was maybe the worst Taylor song in literal existence, and for good measure. My favorite part in all honesty was barely being able to hear Lana say “snow on the beach” behind Taylor every two seconds, but I’ll give a point for what could’ve been an amazing collab, 1/10.


Hot Take here: “You’re On Your Own, Kid”, was rather underwhelming. I know for a fact someone reading this is probably screaming at me through their screen, but it was still better than the hot mess that came before this, 6/10.


Next up is “Midnight Rain” and oh my goodness the chokehold the chorus has on me is so unreal, it’s so addicting I could just listen to it forever, 8.5/10.


For whatever reason, and maybe this was just me listening to the song with headphones in, but part of the “Question…?” the bridge orbited around my head. I was called delusional by Sobia, so I don’t honestly know. But overall the music was rather otherworldly . 8/10.


“Vigilante Shit” was definitely giving some darker vibes, kind of like “Reputation”, but it was a little all over the place. 7/10.


“Bejeweled” was honestly beautiful, with it sounding like a more mature version of “Mirrorball”, and the lyrics are just so “nice!”. 8/10.


“Labyrinth”: Oh lord what was up with the background notes on the keyboard, did her cats break in and stomp on it or something? However the lyrics were so heartwarming, so a modest 7/10.


“Karma” is HANDS DOWN the best song on the entire album oh my god it was so catchy and upbeat I could listen to this nonstop. 9/10.


“Sweet Nothing” was an honest let down, with it being super repetitive and boring. 5.5/10.


“Mastermind” was definitely giving a futuristic thriller movie kind of vibe, and was honestly such a fun song. 7/10.


Overall, this album was kind of in the middle of the pack for her music, and gets a 91/130 in total. Leave your raging opinions at the door please, I’ve been slandered enough. Thank you!


(Note: I did not feature the 3am version because this would have been way too long for my liking and yours as well)