The infamous Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Divorce


Theo Wargo

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen in 2019.

Mahima Shankar, Staff Writer

Statistically speaking, 50 percent of all marriages in America will end in divorce or some type of separation. This statistic might seem unconvincing, but once you look around you will soon realize love really is not all around like they say. In fact, celebrity breakups have been occurring left and right, and we never really see them coming. Unfortunately, the fan favorite couple, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady filed for divorce on October 28. Football fanatics are aware of the name Tom Brady because of his extraordinary football career. On the other hand, Gisele is very much well known for her luxurious career in modeling. 

Brady and Bündchen were officially married on February 26, 2009, which lasted a length of 13 years. Brady is the father of three children: John Edward Thomas (son of Brady and his past girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan), Benjamin Rein and Vivian Lake (both of who are children of Brady and Bündchen). Through their so-called “amicable” divorce, Brady and Bündchen have both managed to shield their kids from the messy situation. Both parents have agreed on joint custody of the children, and are trying their best to engage them in different activities. For instance, Brady recently took his kids to a Food Bank in Port Charlotte, Florida to hand out meals. 

It was reported that Brady was “willing to go to therapy, marriage counseling — whatever it took to make things work.” But unfortunately Bündchen viewed his response as “it was a little bit too little, too late.” Relationships take time and nurturing, and with Brady’s luck, neither came easily with his intense football career. Celebrities are often taken as an example for how to navigate one’s way through a relationship, but sometimes we forget how far in nature we are from them. Not all of us are star football players dating a model, and most of the time, we in fact do have time to allocate to our significant other. Brady and Bündchen’s divorce should be taken as an example of how we can allocate time to our significant others and should prioritize them.