Relaxing Fall Fun

Ayel Kikama, Staff Writer

For many, the fall season is when things get really busy. Things like school work and extracurricular activities pile on top of each other like never before so more than ever, you’re gonna need some relaxation time. That is why I have found a few relaxing fall-related activities that you can do this fall season.

 While pumpkins remain a staple of a traditional fall season, they aren’t the only fruit in style over the season. Apple picking season stretches throughout the entirety of the fall period and year after year provides a calming experience and an extremely tasty meal afterward. The activity known as apple picking is just as simple as it sounds. You go into an orchard, grab a basket and well, pick some apples. It’s the kind of activity that you can do with both friends and family of any age range without conflict. Getting outside in the cool fall weather is a benefit of just about any fall activity but is especially eminent when you’re picking apples and best of all you get a batch of freshly picked apples to go home and eat. These apples can be shaped and baked into fall foods like apple strudel or apple pie. Easy and relaxing, apple picking is an activity that many should try getting into in the future.

There aren’t many things more relaxing than having a good meal and during the fall season, good fall flavored meals come in waves. Fall fruits like pumpkins and apples are easier to access than any other time of the year and the number of baked goods that can be made with them is incredible. Squash, zucchini and even cranberries are also on the list of flavors you should try to get in your meals while they’re still in style. With all the tasty possibilities for food during autumn, there’s no better time to start getting into the kitchen and making yourself a good relaxing meal. 

One part of life that has a massive effect on is our surroundings so decorating places like your house or room can be one of the simplest ways to add some calm to your life. Decors like scented candles, colorful flowers and even a good pumpkin are all easy ways to add a calming fall mood to your living space. Grabbing some scary stuff for your Halloween decorations is another great way to relax while fitting the seasonal mood. Decorating itself is also an extremely relaxing activity so even if you’re not one with the fall spirit, go ahead and decorate your surroundings to best fit what you want. 

It’s always important to find some calm time no matter the season so whether it’s apple picking, decorating or something else, I hope we can all find something to keep us calm and relaxed throughout the festive fall season.