Homecoming Week- Wildcats who can dance


Adam Hristov

The winning group, Twinkle Toes, with their signature leg kick

Leah Dennison, Staff Writer

Homecoming week is off to a lively start, as many Wildcats take on the stage to participate in the annual competition known as Neuqua Knows it Can Dance. This friendly competition is a fun way to get together with friends, clubs, or sports teams to create an entertaining dance and win a chance to perform at the Fall Pep Rally this upcoming Friday.


This year, eleven groups were participating in total. From mashup songs to remixes, none of these performances failed to impress the audience. The groups were also given the chance to wear creative and humorous costumes, such as cops and robbers or pirates. Some dances were well rehearsed and choreographed, and others had story plots and fun stunts within the dance. Either way, every dance was a hit.


 One stand-out performance was the Freshman Boy’s Football, who did a mashup of Bruno Mars songs. They had the spirit and energy like none other, not to mention their act was hilarious. The dance ended with one of the boys throwing a bouquet of flowers out into the crowd, something everyone will remember for a while


The best-spirited dance award went to Peer Partners, who did Friend Like Me from the movie Aladdin. It was very well rehearsed, and the dancers sure did give it their all. It was clean and simple, yet with a few unexpected twists such as backflips and other cool moves. Altogether, their dedication and hard work were seen through their outstanding performance, and their award was well deserved.


Despite all of the amazing performances, there was one clear winner. In the end, the Twinkle Toes pulled off the win with their dance to September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. The team includes Dylan Sedgwick, Ben Mosshamer, Tristan Lee Jones, Burhan Sufi, and Jake Lansdowne. The dance was amazing. It got the audience involved and clapping to the beat of the iconic song, and there wasn’t a person in the crowd who wasn’t laughing at the witty moves incorporated into this iconic dance. It was a well-deserved win, and now the Twinkle Toes will be performing at not only the Fall Pep Rally but the Neuqua Orchesis Show in early Feb.