A club to take the stress away


Ingrid Marques Reginato

Spend some time walking on crunchy leaves to make the best of the autumn season.

Ayel Kikama, Staff Writer

Neuqua Valley has a host of great clubs that can suit anyone’s hobbies and interests though there is one club that may just be able to suit any person regardless of their pastime. That club is called Outdoor club. Outdoor club is a club where you can enjoy a ton of outdoor activities with a ton of people that, like you, want to have a ton of fun. Outdoor club has activities like go-karting,mini golf and even picnicking. It’s a great way to make friends and have lots of fun in the afternoon after a boring day of school.


Not only is Outdoor club great for its super fun activities or interesting outdoor surroundings, Outdoor club is a genuinely comfortable and relaxing place to take the stress out after a long school day. School can be incredibly stressful for anyone., being kept inside, rushing to finish assignments all while having gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before. Finding ways to relieve this stress can be very difficult. This is the main reason as to why Outdoor club should definitely be a club for you. From the people to the activities, it’s the perfect stress relieving environment everyone should take advantage of. 


Students can join outdoor club at any time. Most outings are after school and tend to last up to a couple hours. For any other pieces of information on this fun and relaxing club, email Todd Metrz and become a member of the outdoor club.