The Birdie Bash returns, with Homecoming Tickets on the line

Zahra Ladak, Staff Writer

The Neuqua Valley badminton team makes an appearance during the off-season to raise awareness and fundraise for their team. Available for all students, the team is hosting an open tournament to play for a chance to win homecoming tickets! No experience is needed and all are welcome to join this Sept. 19, at the auxiliary gym with a registration fee of $15 per person! 

With an approach to raise funding for the upcoming season, the team is very excited for this event and is preparing for this moment. This tradition has always been a huge part of the badminton program and something the girls look forward to every year. Although it was temporarily suspended due to the past pandemic, the team plans to make a strong return to jumpstart their season. As a returning player, Saniya Joseph shares her enthusiasm. “It hasn’t been happening for a while and we are really excited to finally bring it back.” This event is very important to the success of the team this year. The team has ambitious goals this season and plans to use this opportunity to help achieve them. Anna Xuan, another returning varsity player, shares her goals as she claims, “Varsity is aiming to win state this season.” 

With their near flawless record in the past, the team aims to place even higher during their upcoming season. The team has set high expectations for their upcoming season as seen with last season’s statistics. The girls’ badminton team had a total of 17 wins and only 1 loss, as well as placed first place in the conference tournament and sectionals tournament. The varsity team competed further at state and came home with fourth place. These near perfect scores have pushed the team to do even better this season. As Xuan continues to say, “We hope to do even better this season and could really use this fundraiser to help us do so.” 

The team would really appreciate as much support from all participants. So, come cheer on our players and support the Neuqua Valley girls’ badminton team on September 19 at 3:30pm in the Auxillary and Gymnastics Gym!