Behind the new Neuqua marquee


Sobia Shamim, Social Media Manager

Down in the lower D-hallway, outside the cafeteria, a marquee hangs on the wall. This new feature is an awesome way to spread positivity throughout the week! You can submit a kind quote or a motivating message and it will be on display for other students and staff to see and be inspired. The link to the submission is available on Neuqua’s student splash page and linked at the end of the article.

With the pressure of school and rising stress levels, the marquee hopes to bring a bit of inspiration to students’ minds and a great way for students to help one another out – even if it is just a few words of encouragement. 

The marquee is a smaller replica of the original one outside of school. It is blue and gold with a wildcat on it, displaying school spirit while also uplifting students. It’s a wonderful addition to the hallway! 

Next time you walk through the hallway, take a bit of time to read the marquee, it could be the exact words of kindness you need.