Say farewell to summer with the Last Fling


James Edward Hoch

The Last Fling – September 4-7, 2015 – Naperville, Illinois – The Carnival Area

Emma Vorasorn, Staff Writer

Naperville’s Last Fling is the best way to squeeze the last ounces of summer out before transitioning to fall. This family-friendly community festival has it all; live music, a carnival, and most importantly, food. It runs through Labor Day weekend, so there’s plenty of time to indulge in the fun.

Making safety and inclusivity its priority, the Last Fling will have a Special Needs Day on Sunday, September 4. Eligible patrons will receive special wristbands granting priority, no-wait seating. This ensures that everyone will be able to join in on this lively occasion.

This event also hosts a number of family-friendly activities throughout the weekend, including cupcake, cotton candy, and freezer pop eating contests, several live performances as well as live music, and more!

This year, the Last Fling will run from Friday, September 2, to Monday, September 5. The hours vary depending on the day, so the website will be linked for additional information such as the music line up and other scheduling specifics. See below for the ticket prices for the carnival: 


Last Fling 2021 – Naperville, Illinois – Frank-E-Fling (James Edward Hoch)

$1.25 = 1 ticket

$5.00 = 4 tickets

$10.00 = 8 tickets

$20.00 = 16 tickets

$30.00 = 27 tickets


*rides range from 2-6 tickets per person