Inside the second floor lofts


Sobia Shamim

A desk in the loft!

Sobia Shamim, Social Media Manager

 As you are rushing to class, you may have noticed the comfortable couches locked behind glass doors. This recent addition has left many students confused and curious: What are they? Why are they there? Well, these are the second-floor lofts! Designed by our principal, Dr. Lance Fuhrer, the lofts give teachers the ability to have a different and unique learning environment as well as being in a quiet and closed-off area. 


Assistant Principal Melissa Wilson is very excited about this new place and opportunity, as the lofts have been in the works for around five years and were finally installed over the summer! Her favorite part is the school spirit aspect, graphics of students and the Wildcat flag hanging over empty lockers within the loft.


The lofts are very well-decorated: Yellow couches and long tables provide the option for independent and group work, big windows let in natural light which provides a nice atmosphere, and glass doors keep the area secluded and unbothered.


Despite not being open for option periods, students are allowed in before and after school. The lofts are steered towards academics, meant for teachers to reserve for classes. There is a TV inside, allowing teachers to project what they need. Although the lofts are a stark difference from a “normal” classroom, it is definitely a needed change. It gives teachers a new setting which leads to an increase in productivity and also gives them a different way to teach, allowing flexible delivery. 


Additionally, the decrease in locker use was one of the main reasons for installing the lofts. It provided a large, unused space which the administration decided to take advantage of. 


Overall, the lofts are very pleasant and I definitely recommend checking them out! They provide a new learning experience for students and teachers, as well as a convenience not found in your typical classroom.